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I like how prepared mechanicsburg makes us but i wish that there were more school unitedness and more use of technology other than computers, especially in higher level classes
My experience with MASH was, for the most part, positive. The academics were, in my opinion, pretty good. I felt as if I got a good education that academically prepared me for college. However, I believe they should implement a program focusing almost entirely on college prep, as most graduates from MASH go to either a technical school or some form of higher level education.
Mechanicsburg has a fantastic arts program, but the administration does not care. We are not in an athletic jersey so they do not care. We are a school focused on our reputation and not necessarily on anything important.
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I loved the academic challenges but the modernism was not the best. The school had very attentive teachers who want to see the best in you and make you strive. They took the time to actually teach me and prepare me for college.
Academic rigors get you ready for college. Arts activities are solid. Could put more emphasis on athletics
Mechanicsburg has great academics, especially for a public school, and there are enough classes to accommodate students of different skill levels in each subjects. It does, however, lack diversity.
I have always appreciated that Mechanicsburg Area School District has created a rigorous hiring process. As a result, the district has only hired teachers who are extremely willing to help. Anytime you reach out to a teacher, they truly want to help you. I would like to see administration be more consistent in how they treat and discipline students.
Mechanicsburg provided me with a very solid education. At the highest level (AP), the teachers were extremely involved and invested in their students' success. The music department is exceptional and provides a true community for students interested in music. As with most schools, there are a few inane rules and teachers who only care about test scores, but overall, the school provides a well-rounded experience.
Mechanicsburg Area Senior High School is an above average school. There are a lot of options for those who want to take advanced, college level courses, such as AP classes or dual enrollment. There are also support systems for those who aren't as academically inclined. Sports seem to be really important here, as well. There are activities for everyone's interests, including theatre, music, art, sports, or special interest clubs like Anime Club. There's always someone to turn to if you need help whether that is a teacher or a guidance counselor. Sometimes the logistics and planning of the school seems a little bit off.
Mechanicsburg overall is an excellent school - in terms of academics and teachers only. Yes that is the main quality of a school however a high school is also a place to grow. What little time there is for such is taken up with nonstop homework leaving activities like hanging out with friends or applying to college nearly impossible. Hence, despite enriching the brains of the few who apply themselves, generally leaves a bland taste in the mouths of all who have to attend there.
Mechanicsburg prepares you for your future. Their curriculum is challenging, their teachers are encouraging and the atmosphere is inviting. The years spent at Mech were the best yet!
Overall, Mechanicsburg School District exceeds at academics, as it is in the top 10% of best performing public high schools in the nation. The teachers push students to do their best which can be frustrating at the time, but it truly does make students feel prepared for college and succeed. Unfortunately, that’s all we’re known for. Our sports, food and administration are all jokes, and other schools tend to make fun of the students for it.
I liked that they took education very seriously and promote students to get involved in something. I didn't like that they pressured me into taking higher level classes so that they would have more students in those classes.
Wonderful teachers and a great learning environment. Nice classroom and lots of friendly people. The teachers are well trained and are always continuing their education. It is a good size school with numerous cubs and sports.
I moved to Mechanicsburg freshman year not knowing a single person. I had a clean slate with the whole district and knew that I could make it my own. The past four years now have been interesting since I came from a small private school. This is my first real encounter with public school.
Overall, the academic portion of the school was great and I feel completely prepared for college. There were many AP classes offered that were rigorous along with average classes that could be challenging as well. Downfalls to the school are the lack of student activity and the leadership in the school. There are little to no clubs that students can be a part of due to the strict guidelines in order to create and maintain clubs. The other main issue is with the administrators who do not listen to students' needs and complaints. There is little to no connection between them and the students. Overall, there is a lack of community at the school and the ability to try new things, but all of the students will be well prepared for their academic futures.
I enjoyed being in the Mechanicsburg Area School District. I was very involved in school activities and the community and it made my time memorable. I connected very well with some teachers throughout my years and created a close bond with some of them. Academically, I succeeded in school and was definitely prepared for college. I would like to Mechanicsburg be involved in more service learning programs for it's students as a way to give back to the community and get the students involved.
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Mechanicsburg is a great school from an academic standpoint. The average student is a year above state average in math, and often Mechanicsburg students take various AP classes offered. There isn't a large emphasis on sports, however the music program at Mechanicsburg is phenomenal. The school disctict is expanding rapidly and is growing in diversity.
I've had an amazing experience during my 4 years. All of the teachers are very nice and it's a welcoming community.
The best part about studying at Mechanicsburg High School, is the people. The staff at the school are kind, compassionate and most importantly, intelligent. They work with the students to help create an atmosphere that is pleasant and accepting.
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