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Meadow Heights R-II School District Reviews

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Very good school, friendly teachers who are willing to help, and make class as fun as they legally can, many Academic opportunities, and every teacher and staff is willing to help you prepare for college/your future.
I have attented this school from Kindergarden all the way to the 12th Grade and have never had a single teacher refuse to help me and they always encouraged me to do my best and try new things.
Only real problem is the terrible attitudes most students have for God knows what reason. But that is not the schools fault, the school is great!
I have to say that I absolutely love this school! Located in a rural area, a community feel is created amongst attendees. I have had an intellectually stimulating, but also, fun time.
The teachers are more than willing to help out with anything you need, no matter what it may be. I believe they truly do want students to succeed.
The students are also very friendly and interactive in their relations. They have created bonds that will, no doubt, last a lifetime.
If you are trying to choose a school district, I would highly recommend Meadow Heights R-II as a very viable option. GO PANTHERS!
Meadow Heights is a great school depending on how you look at it. It is the type of school where everyone knows everyone but the thing is that there is a lot of things wrong with it. There is a lot of bullying that goes on under the radar. We have teachers that will be okay with students acting out one day and then the next they get super mad about it. The fact of the matter is that Meadow Heights is more concerned about the appearance and the judgment of others than actual education and wellness of the students.
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I have went to Meadow Heights since I was in preschool. My high school experience has not been the best but it was more because of the people and not the staff. This year we have gotten a new superintendent, Dr. Wiggins, and he has changed our school in many ways for the better. There are being many changes made throughout the year but one thing I would like to see change is more extracurricular activities added for the students who do not participate in sports. Also, I would like to see more school spirit in students and staff.
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