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We need to see more teachers that care about our students education. Sport involvement should not be determined by your family name. Education should be more focused on the individual instead of the whole.
Staff that is dedicated to teaching their students, but, overemphasis on sports. Administration isn't worried about solving problems presented to them.
The teachers at the school honestly care about your future. They take in what you do know, teach the whole class, and they always accept anybody who needs help independently. The only problem is the no hat rule. Other than that, the school is laid back on what you wear and care what you think on rules.
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I have attended Meade County highschool for all 4 years and I’ve had nothing but great experiences and I have met many teachers and people that I have found to call my second family. Even though our school is in the middle of nothing we still seem to have so many great memories with so many great people.
School staff is friendly and ready to help. Everybody is on the same page. Everybody is friendly. School feels very safe.
I have been attending MCHS since 2014. I have been on homebound for the first three years of my high school experience due too illness. During this time the staff and administration was very understanding and helpful. I am very happy that I was able to attend my senior year and am sad that I couldn't enjoy the last three. All good things come to an end and me attending Meade County High School is one.
Meade County is a decent school in academics. They offer plenty of AP and dual credit opportunities but not very many english/history/and arts related classes. The staff is amazing and they work hard to take care of all of the students and make sure that they are getting the education that they deserve. My teachers always know when I'm upset and they go out of their way to talk to me about it and try to make me smile.
The best thing about Meade County Public Schools is the staff who work there. Everyone in the Meade County school district is a family. Any teacher would be more than willing to go out of their way for any one of their students. It's a welcoming, fun, and safe environment for any student.
I love Brandenburg Primary and David T. Wilson. They are excellent schools. We aren't in the higher grades, but from our experiences so far, we love our county and our schools!
Its not a bad school by any means but they don’t listen very well to the students. Their academics are good but as far as helping a struggling student or putting a stop to bullying they are very lacking.
I liked the closeness of the community but disliked certain administration and favoritism in the system
MCHS was okay. The school definitely caters towards the academically gifted. The average student, and even the below average student, was not given many opportunities to grow and become better students. They kept pushing them down by giving them poor grades instead of going out of their way to help kids learn. Now, MCHS is college centered. They hardly offer any chance to explore classes so that kids can figure out what they want to be. Students now have to plan out their entire high school career in middle school by choosing a career pathway.
The Good: generally there are good teachers, the food isn't bad for school food, their engineering pathway is awesome!

The Bad: the school by itself isn't bad but the students make the experience poor, they are often dirty and smelly and they frequently engage in iullegal activities at school such as drugs.

Improvements: Do more advanced and AP level classes!!!!
I love Meade county schools so much. The teachers are friendly and they make sure that you understand what they are teaching.
This is a excellent public school that goes over and beyond to make sure their students are successful in life. The teachers and staff work hard to make sure they get the best effort out of each student. There are multiple programs in place to make sure that no students are failing any classes or struggling. The athletics are very solid overall and the other programs are impressive. Our college coach makes sure every senior is either college or career ready. We have multiple meetings throughout the year to discuss our lives after high school. Our school is very high quality and holds every one of our students to high standards.
Never had any issues and my kids loved every school they attended in Meade County!!! Keep up the great work
Meade County High School did a nice job of providing opportunities for their students and allowing them to pursue their chosen fields. I left school there feeling pretty prepared and that I had developed some needed skills.
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I have grown up in Meade County and have lived here my whole life. The only thing better than the hometown feel, is the wonderful education opportunities that I have been given. I attended Flaherty Elementary from kindergarten to 6th grade, Stuart Pepper Middle School from 7th to 8th, and I currently attend Meade County High School. I love my school and the people in it. My favorite of those people are most definitely the teachers and administrators. I have become very close to most of my teachers throughout my educational career. What makes it so easy to find a friend in such people, is because they not only care about your academic achievements, but also your well-being and ability to succeed in the future. With these supportive qualities, my teachers have motivated me to try my best in everything I do.
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