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My experience at Mead has been nothing but amazing. The teachers are great the students are amazing and I genuinely enjoy going to school. We have the best spirit out there! Being in ASB this year I have been amazed at the amount of students dressing up and going to all the school events! It is really exciting and feels great to go to such a great school!
The schools were not challenging. I always felt like the material was way too easy. There were lots of bullies at the school, and the teachers often talk to students as if they are stupid.
The connectivity is great. Teachers are awesome and helpful. The thrive on helping kids prepare for college. Without some of my teachers I do not know how I would have survived college. Just Amazing experience.
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I’ve only attended the Mead HS in the district but from what I’ve seen there, the school does a fantastic job of fostering growth in the youth and giving each student every opportunity they can.
While attending school in the Mead School district I have felt I have had an average experience. From the academic stand point it was very good. They provide students the opportunity to learn and take classes such as AP courses in math, history, etc. Teachers for the majority are friendly, helpful and organized. Mead School District has an array of clubs and activities to get involved in. Diversity is very much so lacking and I hope to see the Mead School District become more diverse in the years to come. Arriving to school everyday I am able to feel safe.
I loved the band program because we were all in a big family. I honestly feel like Mead wasn't very group oriented. There weren't a lot of cliques. Most people just wandered around and hung out with whoever they wanted. Making the environment more friendly.
There is high quality academics and facilities because it is in upper/middle class neighborhoods. But because of this and the makeup of the county there is basically no diversity.
The Mead School District was very warm and comfortable to be in and no one ever discriminated anyone. They strove to make everyone feel welcome and have an amazing experience while getting an education.
Mead High School is the best high school in Spokane, WA. They offer rigorous classes and excellent after school programs. The teachers are very professional and the principle is the best!
Mead school district has some of the most dedicated teachers in Spokane. Especially in the special needs area. The teachers and aid genuinely care about each and every one of the kids in the classroom.
I love mead because the teachers and staff there are very understanding and helpful. It’s a hard district to transfer into which I did as a sophomore because all the students have gone to school Robert since they were very little. So it would be nice to see it being less clicks and more inviting! Other then that is an amazing school district.
Overall, I had an enjoyable experience at school. I have gained an abundance of knowledge, but that is just the learning aspect. When it comes to the student body, that is a different story. The diversity in our school is very low, and some people choose to be rude upon that issue. We have a problem with our words in our school, and is something that should be addressed. Although, I have been fortunate enough to be blessed with such wonderful friends and family to help me if I needed it. So for me, I have had a wonderful experience, but I know it could be way better.
I feel that Mead Highschool needs more clubs or programs for political activity, social issues & volunteerism in our local community as well as throughout the state of WA. I also fee that there needs to be ongoing college preparation to include visiting local colleges, how to determine potential college major, how to prepare for making our college applications more attractive.
I could not have asked for a better education, I feel very well prepared for college next year! All of my teachers are honestly dedicated to making sure that I understand all of the material they teach. I have taken amazing courses at mead high school. The only thing that I think needs improving is how the students treat each other
The Mead School District is a very highly renowned school district in Spokane and across the state. Many friends of mine from Mt. Spokane have said that their parents moved to the area simply because of these schools. I'd say that the district has usual issues because there are some 'less than favorable' teachers and some disagreeable policies, but overall the quality of academics, athletics, and the school environment is exemplary. Test scores notably are where many parents see a big difference between Mead and other school districts.
It is a very good district. I wouldn’t choose to go to high school anywhere else. I love doing sports and academics there.
I have been a student at Mead High School all four years of my high school career. As a student that has to work for grades I have felt very supported and loved all four years. Our world is changing and evolving, as it does society should too. In the recent months I have not felt safe in my learning environment. I hope the Mead School District can change their safety precautions in order to keep students safe.
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The mead school district has been an honor to be educated in. I have enjoyed every year from kindergarten to senior year immensely. I have learned so much and the administration is very helpful.
I love all of the variety of courses, clubs, and activities they offer. There is something for everyone to enjoy. I wish it was a little more diverse though.
The Mead school district has made me the person I am today. I have been given so many amazing opportunities, that have made me a strong leader for my school and the community. I am so glad to be apart of the Mead school district, but of course there are some problems like every school has. And one of those problems that needs to be changed to make all students feel like they belong is allowing kids in special ed to be apart of national Honors Society just because the difficulty level may be lower than other classes does not mean they do not work there hardest, and not allowing all students the chance to be apart of any club such as national Honors Society is segregating the school and community making students feal as if they do not belong.
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