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McPherson Unified School District Reviews

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I was very fortunate to be able to be part of USD 418, K-12. McPherson and USD 418 is a great community and everyone knows everyone. The teachers, staff, administrators, school district are so nice you wouldn't even know someone was a new student because everyone is so inviting and that's what I love about USD 418.
I would like to see more reviews of the teachers. I would like the bathrooms to be fixed. The AP teachers should be able to adequately teach the curriculum guidelines from CollegeBoard.
I like the students and professors however I would really like to see the addition of more programs. such as clubs for the community or within schools to help bring more people together. Being a small town there are very small groups of people that stick together and do not expand their circle of friends.
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McPherson High School is great because of the variety of activities a student can be in. There are numerous sports and clubs like philanthropy based, religion based, agricultural based, and student government.
I loved my experience at McPherson! It's a very close knit environment. I felt safe and that I was accepted for who I was.
I have loved living in McPherson my whole life and attending McPherson schools. The teachers are super nice, they are welcoming to knew students, they put time and effort into what you what you want to do in your future, and they love to have fun with sports. Teachers usually try to come to your sporting events or anything you are involved in. No matter what they have always try to make it to at least one event of yours. High School has been the best experience I have had. Teachers and administrators care about you and sports. They love to be involved with your life inside and outside of school.
The McPherson School District has a well rounded educational atmosphere. The teachers are very willing to become involved in their students lives and want all of their students to learn. The sports in the district have an outstanding competitive and educational record. The fine arts is excellent, with many of the musicians being in the top of their class. This district takes pride in their students, faculty and staff, to ensure that the next generation is well educated.
I graduated from McPherson High School in 2015 and I feel like high school did not really prepare me for college. We had terrible science teachers and I am a nursing major so I have to take a lot of science courses. I also wish they would have offered more dual credit classes so I could have been more ahead with my pre requisite classes.
My experience at McPherson High School has been nothing less than excellent. The teachers and faculty all are welcoming and genuinely care about the students well-being. There are many teachers of mine that have gone out of their way to ensure that I am doing well in school and out of school. McPherson High School is a fairly small school and everyone knows everyone. I love the small, family aspect of the school. The administration cares a lot about students plans after high school, whether it be college or the work force, and they care for the well-being of the student athletes. McPherson High School overall is an excellent school to attend.
I love that all of the teachers are so caring. If you have a problem then they will help you. Students at McPherson High School are very friendly.
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