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McNairy County School District Reviews

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The lunch food is very nasty and disgusting. The classes are also very easy for the people that try. I wish they had more college preparatory classes to prepare students for college and batter teachers because some teachers don’t even teach sometimes.
My time at Mcnairy Central High School has been great. I love the school and a few teachers. I am a student athlete here at Mcnairy Central High School and I have only two or three courses that have really challenged my knowledge.
The school is very old and they are spending a lot of the school money on trying to save a lost cause. The school isn't a very clean environment because many teens are getting sick and with all the things that have been happening I don't really feel safe in the school. Although we do have certain teachers that do do a good job and actually teach the students in a fun and friendly manner.
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The schools cost to maintain is much higher than what is given. Also, the principals are VERY close minded and bias. Diversity is something that lacks greatly here. Majority of the teachers here do care and will help you through the course with much help.
The students and teachers in this school district have been great to me since the beginning of my school career. The only thing I would change is maybe the school food.
McNairy is a great place to live and grow up. I'm glad to have been raised in the community that the McNairy County schools provide, and the memories made here will last me a lifetime. The teachers are all involved with and dedicated to their students. The faculty here truly cares about the students.
I like McNairy Central High School. The school is off to itself, and the rate for violence is very low. I like how flexible my schedule has been the past 4 years. I've never had a problem with any of the teachers. I wouldn't wanna go to any other school except for this one.
It's a small community where everyone knows everybody. It's like a big family sometimes you fight, but in the end you have each other's back. I feel like I was prepared for college and the real world after graduating.
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