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It was terrible. The teachers are lazy and disrespectful. All administration is bad as well. I have been manipulated into trouble meaning administration pushing and pushing me over the edge until I snap resulting in trouble. I've been harassed by them and insulted by them.
The amount of teachers that are out there to help you is incredible, along with being such a good environment to work in and get help everywhere!
I appreciate the effort that the administrators think they're giving, but there is very little follow through and very little support for the student body. They tend to punish instead of finding ways to encourage/reward the students. Also, they started construction on the school during the school year and not adjusting to or thinking about how the changes are affecting the school environment. They're also trying out new school rules in the middle of a semester rather than at the beginning of a new school year. The beginning of my high school career I really enjoyed being at the school and being among my peers, but even with the positivity I try to maintain, my senior year has ruined my high school experience for me.
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McMinnville High School is a very open and loving community. They give us lots of opportunity's to explore job careers with the pathway program and the college and career center.
They’re are really white, sports orientateda, homophobic, and racist bunch of people. That’s the tea.
I enjoyed my time at McMinnville high school! I made many friends and memories. Not only that but I got a very good education and got help when I needed it!
I have been apart of this school district for my entire school career thus far. I began in in kindergarten and will graduate from the high school here in Mcminnville. I was most impressed with my elementary school, as I was apart of a dual language program. This program readied me for lots of things in the future and provided me with a good basis for the rest of my life and learning career. The middle school and high school both provided me with lots of opportunities and I think they taught me lots of good morals and values that shaped who I am.
McMinnville High School has many college credit now options many people in my class were able to graduate as Sophomores in college. Overall what I noticed is the importance the school puts on sports over the arts such as drama and choir. Other than that at McMinnville High School I received a very good education from many qualified teachers. One thing McMinnville could improve on is it Spanish teachers above grade one many not being well suited to teach it.
McMinnville High School is a good schools that focuses a lot on academics. Teachers are always providing support. Most of the staff is approachable. The school should spend more time making everyone actually feels included and safe in the building.
The principle and teachers are very helpful and the safety measures they use makes me feel confident about my children going there.
McMinnville High School is a place I'm glad to call my high school. Although the food is kinda terrible, the art program and teachers are very good. If something is wrong, its easy to talk to someone to get the issue fixed.
McMinnville School District offers great opportunity to be academically challenged and progress quickly, however, there are too many students to have only one high school.
I have lived here my whole life. I have attended schools that were very close to each other, and highly recommend them. They are good places to learn, and are very suited to teaching kids well.
McMinnville High School is a great school for people looking for diversity in what their High School career will be like. Whether you're looking to focus on sports, academics, or participating in clubs Mac High has a lot to offer everyone.
I enjoyed the variety of the different classes that lead to what pathway you will be focusing on in college. The school helps students from when they enter the school to get prepared for college, and focuses more with the seniors so they have an idea laid out instead of going into it blind.
Over the course of my high school career, I have gone back and forth in terms of my overall experience. Some aspects were very rewarding for me, such as sports. Academics, however, could be improved. The classes I have have taken were generally basic and I did not find many of them to be challenging. This means that I am not as prepared as I could be for college. I know many students who are older than me who were so overwhelmed by the transition from high school to college that they either dropped out or failed out. This is concerning to me. Personally, however, I consider myself to be independent and self-driven enough to succeed, so this was not as big of a factor for me. I appreciate the diversity of my school and how I was able to become friends with so many different types of people.
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