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i like that very little bullying cause they crack down on bullying very hard the administrators dont play when it comes to a students safety and well being this is by far the safest school
I am an incoming senior at McMinn County High School. I have never experienced a poor teacher or staff. I will have taken 6 AP courses once I graduate and there are still more that I haven't taken. I believe there are many opportunities at this school.
McMinn County School District does a great job of preparing students for the future regardless of what path they choose. Not only does the school system push students to achieve scores necessary for college entry and scholarships, but they also strive to provide clear pathways for students looking to go into a technical field or straight into the workforce.
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I had my K-12 education in this school system and overall its a great school system. They have their quirks just like every system but they take good care of their students. Bus drivers dont get the recognition or pay they deserve nor do they have much help. That will hopefully change as they have a new director of schools now. Past directors have been amazing but have neglected the bus drivers in my opinion.
Home to the Cherokees, Mcminn County High School has been a great place to broaden my horizon. The school spirit is rich, running through the veins of each and every student. Our staff makes every effort to increase the likelihood of success for ALL students. If I had to pin point a fault, communication from staff to students would be it.
McMinn County School District is amazing!! All teachers and staff are very friendly and try their hardest to make sure their students have everything they need and want to see them succeed!
McMinn County School District is a phenomenal district to raise your children in. With exceptional teachers and a caring environment, these schools are sure to advance even the brightest child. Aside from academics, McMinn Schools help students develop as a person by growing the next generation of leaders.
It has been a unique experience. I made many friends and met my boyfriend. The food could be better and more fulfilling. The teachers are great and one in particular is very energetic and it is clear he cares and wants to be there teaching.
Going through the K-12 program through the schools in McMinn County have taught me to be a better man in life... Being surrounded by loving caring teachers that love their job and the kids they teach each year. I don't know if I could have done it without Niota Elementary school, and McMinn Central High school.
The teachers in the high school are mostly pretty exceptional. Usually though these teachers teach the higher levels of academics. The football team is well funded, at the expense of some other sports, but I'm pretty sure all high schools are like that. It has about 1400 kids in it, and the big hallway usually gets traffic-jammed a bit in the middle. I do recommend eating the salad bar though, I personally do not find many good food options here.
I really love the accessibility to the teachers, they work very hard. The school has about 1500 Students and only 5 School Counselors, somehow they work hard enough to pursue growth and achievement out of their hard work.
Very over crowded & great need for an additional high school. Had some great teachers who really cared about a students learning & doing well. I never felt unsafe during my time here.
Teachers are very helpful. All of then want to see their students grow. They will take the time to help a student if need be. The food could be better.
As a student of the school. I'd personally love to see how the school will continue to prosper and develop over the course of time however with the bigger class groups coming in it may serve well to possibly build a new facility
Mcminn County School is a very close nit community that offers many opportunities to its students, however is average because it lacks in some areas.
I am a senior at Central High School of McMinn County. I love my school and the atmosphere that comes with it. The faculty and students are kind and welcoming. We have tons of opportunities to better and involve ourselves through academics, clubs, and sports. Even though we are a very small school, I believe that we are among the best. Once a Charger, Always a Charger.
I moved to the area near the end of my high school years but it was enjoyable and helped better prepare me for college. Through McMinn , I was able to become knowledgeable about the TN Promise which has greatly impacted my ability to attend college so far!
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I have always went to a county school. The schools now have top notch teachers, who actually care what is going on in your life, not just the actual school work
McMinn High School is a well rounded school but is lacking in scholarship opportunities in academics and athleticism. I feel that they should have a guidance counselor for athletes so they are well aware of opportunities that are available.
This school district is definitely determined to improve. The staff is very encouraging and wants to provide a great education for students.
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