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I graduated from Mcloud Public Schools and now have two daughters that enrolled there. The community spirit in Mcloud is alive and well here, however the schools could improve on their choice in staff members and capability. My children make good grades there, as did I. Although the school has a 'close-as-family' vibe, I feel that children graduate will less college preparation than most. This may due to the fact that most children enrolled are expected to go on to work on the farming land that surrounds the area. I believe McLoud Public Schools could do better in offering more to students regarding college.
Try to send your kids elsewhere; I'm just here for the paycheck. I get paid to do nothing really, it's an easy job I'd recommend anyone who's interested in free money to become a teacher at mcloud.
Small town vibes with no diversity. This small town is great for families that are involved in sports. Generations of families go to this town.
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I have never gone anywhere but McLoud and most of my time her has been pretty good, however, these last two years have not been the best. Lately, we have had a change in administration and they do not seem to care about us succeeding just about their paychecks. It is very sad to see the school that I once loved going downhill so fast. We've had several people leave our school, especially from last year to this year. I had 130 in my class last year, this year only 73...
I have been attending McLoud Public Schools for almost 12 years now. I have overall enjoyed my experience. I have never had issues with any of my teachers and at the end of the day I always learn something new. I’ve always had a very comfortable learning environment at this school.
What I liked about Mcloud was the size. Small country school. The teachers were dedicated to the students. The counselors apparently do not know what they are doing because a lot of the seniors had to go to summer school because they "did not have all their credits." They had agriculture and home economics, two great classes. They had an array of clubs and activities for students to get invovled with. I think moving down to 4 days a week is stupid. That does not need to change. I wish they a better curriculum. I feel like they are behind. Academics are fine. Because their curriculum is behind i feel like my college readiness is not on point. I am behind in classes and have to take "pre" classes.
McLoud is a school that does not know how to teach or make their students feel welcome or want to learn. There are a few teachers that love the students but there are others that cuss and scream at students. Some teachers insult the students and call them stupid. Whenever a complaint is filed, you are told that you are being dramatic. The school doesn't care about their students, just care about getting the state's paycheck.
It's a good school easy to learn but it would be great to have better things to use like books and writing utensils
I liked how small McLoud was and how close knit every one is. Going to a small school allowed me to get to know each and everyone of my class mates and have a personal connection with my teachers. At McLoud I thrived because of how easy it was to learn from such great teachers. If I had to change something about McLoud I would maybe change how we don't have much spirit or involvement and getting more clubs or sports could drastically change that.
Teachers really care about the students. There is a large number of kids from poverty stricken homes that really need more help to have a chance to change there future.
I have gone to Mcloud since i was in the 4th grade. I have been able to learn and grow at this school to try and fulfill my dream of becoming.
I attended Mcloud for 10 years. Its a very close knit town because of its size, but I feel I was set back going into college because of lack of classes.
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