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McLeod Independent School District Reviews

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No diversity, teachers show favoritism, no clubs to choose from outside of sports or agriculture, and the food is terrible now. However, the teachers are nice and pay attention to their students’ needs.
Mcleod independent school is not diverse and has much favoritism in its politics, but it is easy for a student to pass with good grades here.
I love McLeod because it is such a small school and everyone knows everyone!! I would like to see the menu change because their food is not that great. But overall, it is a great school and I highly recommend it!!
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My experience with McLeod is an excellent one, overall. I have gone there for all 13 years of school. The teachers are great, some show favoritism, and it is obvious. Do not expect much in the clubs, especially if you are not into agriculture or athletics.
The thing that I like most about McLeod is that the teachers are very attentative to each student. One thing I would like to change is how the material is taught. I would like to have more hands-on learning than what is given.
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