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McLean County Unified School District No. 5 Reviews

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I went through Unit 5 K-12 and I had a very good experience overall. I had mostly very good teachers who helped me to the best of their ability and I enjoyed my time at Grove Elementary, Chiddix Jr. High, and Normal Community High School. As a sophomore in college I am very thankful for my high school because they provided me with a solid education that prepared me to attend college.
The administration is absolutely terrible. They are not willing to work with students to help them obtain the best education possible. They will actively work against students when they want to be in Dual credit courses.
Being in high school now and as I take time to reflect back on my school life, my experience was incredible. I was presented with so many new opportunities and made amazing friends from all different backgrounds. The schools are very safe and bus rides back home are always a blast. The teachers are friendly and encouraging especially in high school. As I look back into the past, there will definitely be numerous amounts of memories to share. Thank you UNIT 5.
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I enjoy this district it has nice staff and they seem to care about the students, the food is pretty good and the buildings are average.
We have some teachers that are very smart and dedicated to helping us learn, but it seems as if most teachers do not care whether we learn or not. Many teachers are looking for a platform to complain about politics or their personal lives. Many teachers rely on student teachers to do their jobs while they neglect to show up to class. Given the scandals in recent years we read about in the newspaper, it is clear the administration is not looking out for students or taxpayers. Rarely do the teachers or administrators care what parents think, rather assume that they just want their kid to get a free A.
I went to Normal Community High School and I still brag to people about how great it was. I cannot imagine a better community of students and teachers to spend my high school career. Every teacher I had was so cool and also extremely helpful and informative, I still love to come back and talk to them when I am home on breaks. The school spirit and comradery that is apparent at NCHS is insane and unlike any other high school I have heard of. I had the best high school experience I could ask for and would recommend this school to anyone in the Bloomington-Normal area.
I think that the school I attend would be better if everyone wasn't so focused on football. Funds are distributed unequally and therefore other programs are suffering.
I really like Unit 5 so far. It is a little poor though, but it spends it's money wisely. We have tons of programs and clubs that participate with state. . We are improving. We have advanced courses and are provided with AP level classes. This is highly helpful to our families. They also work with Heartland Community College to get the advanced students to save a few years of college. We have p.e everyday. This is because Unit 5 cares a lot about their student's health. Also, the food choices are healthy. ( and not that bad) The food could have been better. And I feel like Unit 5 should work on making their high schools more. better. Elementary should be able to do/ learn more. Because I when I was in elementary school, we always did what I already knew. We should all progress more and get more done in the less time we have. Only 13 years get the basic education we need to succeed in life! I am in 8th grade, and so far, Unit 5 is ok.
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