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I love the community in McKinney! I especially love the love and support my school shows to the community and the members of our school. This past summer a friend of mine, Aaron Hill, passed and the community came together to support him and his family by raising money for his funeral, friends, and family. Everything about McKinney is great!
I've grown up in McKinney and gone to their schools my entire life. Their education system has stayed consistent and focuses on getting students involved.
Love the community feel of the District. Need more support on college readiness and act/sat preparedness.
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My school was very diverse and the academics were excellent. It was also socially receptive to all people.
The music program was well funded and allowed for me to learn a great deal. My band instructors helped me find a college that would allow me to study music and excel.
Great schools. Good faculty. Great opportunity for dual credit. In my case, I was able to take a vocational program that will have me work ready when I graduate from high school.
The McKinney Independent School District is amazing. The reason I am only giving 4 stars out of 5 is because of safety issues that arose in June of 2018. Other than that, the school district has an amazing community and
The Mckinney School district has encouraged growth and personal development as a student in and out of the classroom. I have had very positive teachers and mentors throughout my 11 years as a student in the district. I have learned to read and initiated a coat drive for the needy in my early years at my Mckinney elementary school. I have experienced many setbacks as an athlete that my coaches have helped me overcome- including a broken back. Also, my teachers have provided opportunities for me to be involved with community projects specific to my field of study by allowing me to participate in the building/ design of a prosthetic arm with a local engineering business. As you can see, I have been blessed with a variety of inspiring teachers, coaches, and mentors that have enabled me to grow not just as a student but as a citizen of the community as well.
I have loved how organized the McKinney school district is in everything. I also love how the school focuses on academic funding but doesn't put off the athletic funding either. McKinney is a well balanced and rounded out area and I believe that is helped by the way the school district is organized.
When I attended there was a clear divide between student and faculty. More often faculty would cater to students who came from families with an abundant access of resources which is something I would like to see changed. Furthermore, during the time I attended there were multiple instances of students' mental health which were not addressed in a way beneficial to students except for when those problems made the news such as with the death of student Raymond Howell. I think people should be able to look back on those memories with fondness, however too many previous students have the mentality that the time should be forgotten about.
I went to McKinney High School. Overall I have had a very underwhelming high school year. I had no awesome, impactful teachers nor did I have a class that intrigued me or prepared me for the real world. Other than that, the school was very decent. I wouldn't say it was great but not entirely bad.
MISD is by far one of the best school districts. I learned a lot during my years there and I would love to raise my children there.
It's a good learning atmosphere. The teachers are friendly. The kids are friendly. Beautiful campuses.
I loved how the district kept up with the technological advancements while I attended. It gave students head starts on their careers which has been crucial for me during my college years. I loved the student-teacher ratio as well as relationships. Overall there wasn't a single thing I would have changed about my time in McKinney ISD.
When I first came to the school, I was impressed by the large facility and the variety of courses available. There are so many opportunities that students can take advantage of, but I think there is a lack of communication between the administration and the students . I've been at the school for over a year and there are so many things I don't know and resources I am not aware of. It took me a long time to figure out about the school news and how to access the online library resources. I think those should be more advertised to students. The teachers for advanced courses are very good in my experience, but I would love to see an improvement in lower level courses. I think it's important to transition away from the powerpoint teaching approach. Overall, my experience hasn't been exceptional but it definitely isn't as bad as some other locations. I think the new administration is doing a lot to get things under control right now, so I'd expect to see huge improvements in the future.
I have been attending MISD since Kindergarten and have nothing but wonderful things to say about it. The teachers and staff genuinely care about their jobs and the success of their students. All the schools are also well maintained and taken care of.
I grew up in McKinney, Texas and it is home to me and thousands of others. I have watched our small suburb grow into a pretty large city. The schooling system i believe is better than no other and every encounter i've had with with MISD i have been shown just how much MISD cares about their students and community!
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I am pleased with McKinney North High and most of all the Avid program. My daughter has throughly enjoyed both of her AVID teachers and the program offered, It has taught my daughter a ton of college prep info and got her college ready.
I moved to Mckinney my Sophomore year of high school and went to Mckinney Boyd for three years. The way I saw school completely changed as soon as I started at Boyd. I was able to be a part of the GT program and got to take English/humanities and history classes that were relevant, interesting, beneficial, and challenging. My teachers were always excited to help their students succeed and used every resource possible to help us learn. Each student got a school-issued MacBook that was used in almost every class for research, assignments, and activities. The access to the technology sped up the learning process so much because we could use the internet to fill in understanding gaps, easily access textbooks and documents, keep track of our grades, and turn in assignments efficiently.
McKinney High is one of the best school districts. The teachers are great, and they go out of their way to help students.
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