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McKenzie Special School District Reviews

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I loved Mckenzie Special School District. All of my teachers were outstanding, and they really cared for their students most importantly they prepared us for college. We were on block schedule in high school, and I loved it. However, when I was in middle school only 7th and 8th grade were on a period schedule. I would have loved for 5th and 6th grade to be on a period schedule as well. I think they are all on the same schedule now.
Mckenzie high school has some of the best academics in the state of Tennessee. We are currently a top five school in the state, and we have very good kids too.
All of the teachers are really nice, the activities, clubs, etc are pretty cool, and classes are pretty chill. Although, the food isn't great, and they have a ridiculously strict dress code.
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McKenzie special school District is a great place to attend school. we have very qualified teachers and administration, we strive to educate our youth. At the high school we are on a block schedule which means we have four classes a semester. This allows for many students to do after school activities or participate in athletics. We have a school resource officer present at all times at each of our schools so our campus is really safe. A student will never feel left because our students leave no one out of school activities and friend circles. McKenzie athletic teams have also been competitive in sport such as football basketball and softball. I would highly recommend anyone to attend McKenzie Special School District.
McKenzie High School is a great place to experience high school. The caring faculty and staff help students reach their full potential. McKenzie High is a 9-12 school. It has an awesome sense of community.
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