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I love that there is a club or a class for everyone regardless of their academic level. The staff always insures that the students fully understand the lesson before continuing on. There is at least one staff member that every student is comfortable with and that they can talk to in times of need. Finally i greatly appreciate that there are programs for students going to trade school and that teachers understand every student won’t be attending college
During my time at the McKeesport Area School District I had a relatively normal experience. Many close bonds were formed during my time here. The only thing that could make my experience better would be the district having more money. They've had to close down many programs, including after school activities and the in-school library. Nevertheless, it is such a beautiful place. The faculty are amazing and I have learned many things that I couldn't see myself without as of now.
My time at McKeesport area high school was an experience I’m glad I had because while not everything was the best I met great people and learned a great deal of information
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McKeesport I feel better prepared students for the social aspect of life outside of high school. There is a lot of diversity here that allows students to be used to that kind of atmosphere when they go on to college or wherever else they decide to go.
My favorite high school I had ever attended. I had moved around a lot through my high school education and this high school by far was the greatest one. I graduated from mckeesport and would recommend to any parent for future children.
My school did try to be there for the stufents the best they can. I always seen alot of support! I woukd like if they changed the dress code and would take away some rules that aren’t necessary
I really love the school. The teachers are really helpful with anything you need. The school it’s self is really big and easy to get around. It is also very helpful that our technical programs are on our campus. I’ve taken collision repair and building construction at my school and it’s helped me learn so much about both of those trades and all the insides to the trades.
I like the classes and how excellent the teachers are. The only thing id change is the food given during lunch.
My daughter has attended in the district since 7th grade. The teacher's and support staff have been absolutely phenomenal. I was definitely concerned when we moved here because the school is a Title I, however I realized quickly that it didn't matter. The teacher's and staff go above and beyond to help the kid's in this district be successful.
I enjoyed my time at McKeesport Area High school. The teachers were considerate of their student's academics, interests, and characteristic differences. For example, if a student or if students struggled with a math concept, the teacher would provide one on one time with the student or group of students providing tutoring and extra practice worksheets. I liked that the school offered after school programs for homework help and social experiences. With good there is always a negative. In addition, I would change the dress code because if someone wore clothing that is against the dress code, the student would get sent home for the day. This resulted in lack of school attendance. Overall, I enjoyed my high school experience.
As a student in the McKeesport School District I have learned to respect diversity. AP classes are available and the teachers are friendly. Unfortunately the district has cut funding for some extra curricular activities.
My experience was like any other teenager in America it started off exciting then turned into the 4 worst most stressful years of my life. People always say you will miss high school but I don't I only miss my classmates I no longer speak to.
I like how willing the teachers are there to help. If i struggled in a certain subject and I needed help the teachers were always there to help. I would only change maybe giving more time to prepare for test and to study.
I liked Graphic Arts Program because of the people and the way the classes were taught. I would like to change the school lunches.
This school district is a very diverse, safe, and energetic school district. McKeesport is known for their athletics and music program. This school district has been improving its test scores for a couple of years now, and they continue to grow. This school really focuses on their advanced and intelligent students along with the students who fall behind and have trouble. They strongly enforce the No Child is Left Behind Program, but they also make sure that the students that are more than capable have a lot of opportunities for better themselves even more. I would strongly suggest to
McKeesport Area High School has prepared me for my life ahead of me. The teachers are willing to help anyone and at anytime. They truly love their students. Our programs at the school help develop our characters. The resources at the school are really good, even if the students don't want to realize it.
This school district is awful! My daughter is bullied and they treat it as if it's no big deal. I ask questions and get snotty remarks from the vice principal and the secretary since day one no one seemed to thrilled to be involved in young kids lives since the admissions!!! No help to help my kids at all write notes to teacher to communicate with them an never hear back. Over it!!
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I love how everyone is so closely knit at McKeesport. Everyone shares in the victories and hardships, and it is truly one big happy family. I would love to see more focus in the arts program in the district, and I would like to see more change with the dress code. Although it is effective, there are many inconsistencies that should be fixed.
I believe that high school is what you make of it. Throughout the last 4 years I've been very involved at my school. I loved being a part of sports teams, clubs and other activities. I also like the teachers and how they take pride in their jobs. One of my favorite things about high school was attending as many Friday night football games as possible. If I could change anything, it would either be the school lunches or the look of the school. Since it's a school that's been around for forever, it's about time for some remodeling.
I love McKeesport! While we could use a little more technology, we have outstanding teachers who really want to see us succeed.
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