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they school system has a bit too much going on. needs my secure officials working in the schools. the teachers has to be more open minded.
My name is Jochia Murfree. I have had a poor learning experience from McIntosh County Schools. Institutions fail to teach by concepts.

Every learning experience was visual. This now affects me during Post-Secondary learning because I must master all concepts before problem solving. For example, Calculus 1,2, or 3. Hence, I was trying to study Civil Engineering.

I am trying to learn by the concepts for permanent memory. Now, it is time for me to receive an education that is valuable.
I experience alot in this school, the good i experience playing the sports i love to play And, enjoying some classes that really gave me understanding to life and there were fun at times. My bad experience was when things were happening around the school where teachers and principal was getting fired.
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My least favorite thing about the school system is the Board of Education. They aren't the best decision makers around. Like our incident with our principle ,who they removed from his job without consulting the superintendent first. This situation caused a big mess and the school almost lost it's accreditation. In my senior year we have had at least 4 different principals.
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