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McHenry Community High School District No. 156 Reviews

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I was involved in the theatre and arts program and it was the best part of my high school experience. I had certain teachers I connected with instantly and I knew truly cared and others that were clearly there because they had tenure and had to be. I do wish that in the future they enact change and support the arts more than the sports teams.
The schools in district 156 do great to prepare kids for their SAT's and later going to college. The teachers are all friendly and one can easily tell they genuinely enjoy what they do. The only problems are that the school is older and the board is a bit biased on funding (most goes to the West campus while East gets nothing but hand-me-downs from West).
The school and the students are good but the recent referendum will cause many issues for everyone in McHenry. The students don't really have a say in anything considering almost every student doesn't like the referendum but it still passed.
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I believe this school is a pretty nice high school in my opinion. I was raised in this community my whole life and even though it's not very diverse, I feel accepted and welcomed. The administration actually cares about the students and I can tell they take safety very seriously. The principal of East campus is the best principal I've ever had, he cares and listens to the student body and does what he can to help. The teachers are great if you are well behaved and I really enjoyed learning from a handful of them. I enrolled in many activities with the band and went to many sport games, and even though our teams are average and sometimes below average, the spirit is always high and we have great sportsmanship. I'm proud to be from McHenry in part because of this school.
As a school divided into two campuses, there is a distinct split in the personality. But in the end, forms one single school. East campus being a tad bit less wealthy, people tend to be more kind. Most students are nice and bullying is not really a common sight. Biggest con is some classes which can only be taught in one campus, in which a shuttle travel system has been created to solve. However, a referendum has passed that will turn West Campus into an upperclassmen Campus with most of the classes, and East Campus into a Freshmen only campus, as most freshmen only take the core courses. Making travel for them less likely of a problem.
I liked the sense of community that came with the school were like a family everyone can be themselves and not worry about judgement it’s a great place to grow! What I didn’t like was the faculty and administration I had some great teachers but others were very poor some of the situations handled weren’t the best.
I transferred into McHenry East High School halfway through my junior year. When I first arrived I thought it would be terrifying starting over in a new place. It wasn't like that at all. McHenry staff, teachers, and students made me feel more welcome than my other high school did. I really am proud to say I graduated as a warrior.
As a freshman, I felt as if I was not accepted by the teachers. By my senior year, I felt that my teachers were almost as close to me as my friends. Wherever a person goes to high school, they will always have complaints. Whether that is issues with staff or school rules, there is no way around unhappy students. What I have found at McHenry West, however, is that once I began to feel comfortable with my teachers and fellow students, going to school was not as bad for me. My overall experience at McHenry West was very good, considering the many meaningful connections I made with teachers and students.
Loved the music department enjoyed my time in symphonic and marching band. I wish more teachers put time into their students not just a pay check.
I liked going here. The teachers made me feel important. They valued me as a person and my education.
The teachers here are OUTSTANDING! they care a ton about their students. I have not seen one exception. They are willing to do what ever it takes to help their students succeed. Whether that be staying after school and working one on one with them, or simply shooting them a "check in" email, I've seen the teachers, staff, and administration go above and beyond to meet each person's individual needs. Overall, the entire school (including the student body), is very well run, and I, personally, feel very comfortable at my school and enjoy the time I spend here.
I liked how most of the teachers were always willing and excited to help because they actually care about their students.
I liked the size of the school, and the building and staff was mostly pretty good! There was a huge amount of pwople simply bit caring though which is a bother for students who do actually care about stuff.
Not the most diverse population in the world. The music program is wonderful and the choir students get to go to Carnegie Hall once every 2 years. The sports program is well done. Any other club though is severely underfunded if funded at all. The staff is iffy and often can be quite rude. The way this school handles issues between a student and teacher is terrible.
Rebuild the east campus, very old and run down. Prepare teachers more and hire more enthusiastic caring teachers.
I had an amazing experience at this high school. During my four year, I had amazing educators, resources, and experiences. McHenry in general has a great welcoming community.
I personally went to Cary-Grove High School. I felt they prepared us very well for college and the road we have ahead of us. I would like to tell future students to get involved. Enjoy high school, try not to take on responsibility too early in life. Do not turn a blind eye to everything around you, enjoy the moments you have there.
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The School is truly amazing with amazing students, teachers,and everyone else part of the district. There is not truly a bad person i have met
District 156 is a decent high school district. There is a variety of teachers who are very smart and great at their jobs, but there is also teachers who are horrible at what they do. I praise the teachers that grade thing right away and pass them back, and cannot stand the teachers who take over a month to update your grades. The school is definitely bias towards specific clubs and activities. Some sports get more funds and money towards them over others. It comes across sometimes as the school just wants us to do good to make the district look good. They want more people to take AP exams, not because they may get college credit, but because the school looks good if the students score high on the exams.
The teachers are super good at their jobs and they know how to address every student. The only major problems were that the administration didn't really ever tell us any deadlines or any activities at school. They also never enforced any rules that were in the handbook, or they only yelled at certain students. They have a great selection of classes and I would love to see every student being apart of the whole student body if they want to be part of it. I would also want to see the facility care more about their students, administrators in particular.
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