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McGuffey School District Reviews

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The school is so much fun and teacher are nice my was Mrs Thompson she was my favorite part being at school. She nice caring and all was happy to see us.she was my 4th and 5th grade teacher.she keep kids out of trouble and she is helpful. My other teacher was Mrs shear she was all was happy and ready to work or help just like Mrs Thompson.
Certain teachers made my experience a lot better than it would have been otherwise. The lunches had many options too. The sports could use more funding.
I like the size of the school. It is not too big and there are personal relationships between teachers and students that allow them to feel connected to their school and special. There is a bullying problem at McGuffey that needs to change. The principals don't do anything about the bullying problem.
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McGuffey is a small public school, I'm currently enrolled at Mcguffey High School which is in the same building as the middle school. This makes it easy to get around once you are a freshman. You already know the school layout! Something that I've loved about this school since I started going here, other than the awesome education and teachers, is the involvement with the special needs kids. I'm looking to be a special Education teacher and I'd thank Mcguffey School District for that. There are so many boundary breaking activities, classes, and programs that help the life skills kids feel a little more involved and accepted. Of course I loved getting a Education but I loved getting involvement with the special Education kids more. I think that all schools should be this encouraging of differences!
McGuffey is taking steps to improve their academic offerings such as increasing the AP class selection for students.
I am currently a senior enrolled in McGuffey high school. My experience at McGuffey is definitely one I will remember for a long time. I really enjoy most of the teachers there and appreciate all they do.
I've gone to McGuffey my entire life and the teachers there are absolutely amazing! They are so supporting and understanding. They have not only taught us students, but they have also been such great companions to all of us.
The students and teachers are very friendly and will do anything to help out the students. In my opinion the school needs to focus more on the education of the students instead of the unesescary senior projects. Also the school board needs to do more funding towards extracurricular activities and the landscape instead of computers and electronics. The school also needs to be more prepared for situations like a school shooting or bomb threats. The school has good sports teams and friendly coaches that act a role models for the students. All in all this school is a great school to attend.
McGuffey School District offers students a well-rounded education. While many districts fail to offer clubs, art, and music, for example, McGuffey continues to find a way.
McGuffey School District is a quaint rural community. If you like the feel of small classroom sizes and one-on-one instruction, then this is a great place for you.
My experiences at McGuffey have been good. though there are a few minor issues with it along the lines of class choices. they have very minimal choices when it come to picking and scheduling your class. they are more worried about passing as opposed to taking classes specified to our major.
McGuffey high school has gone down hill since I graduated from there. They had to fire a bunch of teachers because we didn't have enough money to keep them. Most of the faculty was nice but it was an average school.
Too many cuts. Not enough classes offered. No accountability for the teachers. Some teachers are great and really do their job.
I don't think anyone is ever prepared for college.
With the vocational technical training through western Area career and technology center, I was able to walk away from high school with 4 certifications and professional training and furthering my education and experience in the healthcare field! The school is like most schools but with the school having that partnership with Western Area, my experience was incredible!
McGuffey School District was an ok district to attend. I attended McGuffey my entire life. From kindergarten to senior year. McGuffey needs some changes. We are in debt and are laying off tons of great faculty members and it's ridiculous. They'd rather spend tons of money on football equipment than than academics. I'm glad to be out of that school. Only thing I liked was the faculty.
McGuffey was an average high school to attend. I believe that there could have been more preparation for college, but they did not step up to the plate. The guidance councilors are sub par, I fought for three months trying to get my transcripts sent out.
My experience at McGuffey was unpleasant. There were a lot of teachers who cared, but they were outnumbered by those who did not. I dreaded going most days. The focus on standardized testing was ridiculous, there were a few teachers who should go back to school themselves, and I didn't feel prepared for college at all. It seemed as though the school only cared about student athletes and the gifted group. Student athletes were treated like celebrities by the staff and were often given academic breaks because of their "busy schedules".
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I liked the club involvement while I was there. I would like to see the administration and teachers change to prepare students more for college.
Mcguffeybis a wide spread district, but does not have a high attendance of students. Teachers in this district really put in effort to help their students achieve the most they can. Class sizes are small which makes it easy for one on one help with the teacher. Lunches are healthy, but also taste like real food.
I attended McGuffey from 1995-2013, and I am sad to say my experience was very poor. This school district does not do much to prepare students for life outside of school, and many of my classmates did not attend college or trade school. My education was average; some teachers went above and beyond, but most were either average or below average. What concerned me most about McGuffey is the environment. All schools have to deal with bullying, but it was absolutely rampant at McGuffey. Also, if you care about diversity (or your child belongs to any minority group), please avoid this school! Google "McGuffey Anti-Gay Day" for more information--it made national news. When I attended school here, I often heard slurs thrown around, and any student who was of a difference race or nationality (there were only about 20 of them total in the whole district) were treated like garbage.
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