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McGregor Independent School District Reviews

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What I liked about the school was that it gave me the education I needed in order to get into college. There is a decent teachers they will help you if you need it. It just like any other small 3A school there not much that it excellent besides some teachers.
I have been attending school at the McGregor Independent School district since I was in kindergarten. I am now a McGregor High School Senior and I have love every second of being a bulldog. The teachers have helped me develop not only as a student but as a person as well. I’m always surrounded by love and positivity when I am at school. I will always recommend McGregor High School to anyone looking for a new school to attend. I am happy to say that I am going to graduate as a McGregor High School Bulldog.
I love going to school at McGregor High School! We have awesome teachers, administrators, and students. Our teachers care about us and our education. We can go to them if we have problems with the curriculum or really anything we might be dealing with. Programs offered at the school help all students find a place to belong. Whether it be sports, FFA, Student Council, UIL, etc., our students can choose to be involved. If there was one thing I would change about McGregor High School, it would be for our students to have more spirit. I am a cheerleader and it is hard to keep the crowd pumped.
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Every McGregor school from the primary to the high school are excellent! They are all great schools, with their own unique touch and the perfect size! The students and staff are very welcoming to all new students. Many know it as one of the best public schools in Texas due to the great environment and large variation of classes that are offered. They care about their students and staff which is why they continuously provide the best resources. The community is very involved in the district too. McGregor has been producing the best students and athletes for years as well too.
The McGregor Independent School District is a very loving and caring school district. They do their best to try and give each of the students the best education possible. Also, the community is very involved with the school districts whether it be academics, sporting events, fine arts, or so on. McGregor is an awesome place to be.
McGregor is a great school, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a small school with a friendly staff, great band program, and excellent academic programs.
I dont like the school, some teachers are good but most of them are not. There is not much diversity in the school .
MISD is a great place to send your children! The teachers love and care for their students. The class sizes are small. The extracurricular activity choices are plentiful with more added each year.
McGregor is awesome I've loved growing up and being a part of the school district. The academics are great and the new facility and technology gives us a lot of resources we didn't have before. Other than working on making the food better and giving a little more freedom to the students to have school spirit, be creative, and do something fun and also be able to fundraise, everything is right on track to making this a great district to be a part of
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