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McGehee High School is not the best school, but it is not a bad school either. I, personally, have not had a really bad experience. I know others have had crazy experiences. They do not mind expelling you! Some of the teachers are so caring and teach on a college base level. The other teachers does not care about if you learn or not; they just give you the work. If you put all of your hard work in what you are doing, there should not be any problems on your part.
This school was by far the best school i’be ever attended. From the staff, administration, & even the janitors the Owl spirit in that place was amazing. If I had the choice my children will attend my alumni when they grow older.
My experince at Mcgehee High School is good. There are some things that could change at the school like the school lunch. I have been going to Mcgehee School majority of my life. Overall the school is good. The teachers are great at teaching , and are there if you need extra help with a lesson.
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I had mixed feelings about high school as many do. But over all there were many good teachers that helped prepare me for my college journey. It was an average school. I liked it pretty well but of course I love college more.
I went to a private school until 8th grade when I transferred to McGehee school district, i participated in cheerleading and future business leaders of America , I liked how the teachers where willing to help and we learned more than my other school . I would like to see one change and that is more clubs and school activities
McGehee School District is like a small family. Teachers know you well enough to notice if you're falling behind and care enough to help. Administration is involved enough to understand home situations and help meet specific needs.
Well this is my last year of school and I can honestly say this is the best school I ever attended. They can be a little strict, but I wouldn't trade this school for anything. The teachers make sure we learn, get our education, and motivate us students everyday that we can be whatever we want to be in life and be great. The English teachers are the best. They're hard on us students, but I know it's tough love and they want to see us successful. I appreciate all of the McGehee High School faculty for everything they have taught me in the pass years. I know for a fact it's going to help me go far in life.
I love this place mcgehee high school is the best school to come and learn and need to know for after school
Mcgehee high school over all was a great school to attend. I really like how much they cared about us and wanted to help with our education. One thing I would change about this school , is their food. Most children don't eat because, the food is really nasty. Also I would stop having the ID badges because students constantly get in in trouble for not having them, then have to take semester test. Another thing I like about this school is that, we really don't have any fights. I would say Mcgehee high school is a great school for your child to graduate from. They are really big and supportive about the sports. We all care about one another and never bully the others.
My experiences at McGehee High School are good. This school allows students many opportunities. I love the sports that they provide for the students. In the future, i hope to see all the student to take their grades more serious and for the teachers to help them do that.
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