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McFarland Unified School District Reviews

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My overall experience with McFarland unified school district has been so far great. they have helped me a lot with my education. It has offered me many new ways on how to use my knowledge
I enjoy the community at the school. Overall a good experience. Not much to look at but it’s getting better everyday.
I liked how I was familiar with the students, I would change everything. The food was awful, the teachers were rude, one of the counselors was degrading, she didn't believe you could accomplish your goals.
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My experience in the McFarland United field district is that I have been a student here for four years as a senior at McFarland High as well as living in this community for as long as I can remember. and what I loved about the district is all of the optional school clubs and all of its sporting events from all season to football in the fall to track during spring that is what I like about Mcfarland United district. What will I see change about the District is a total remake for the school because the district has been using buildings that are outdated compared to other schools around the county that is what I will change about the school.
Throughout my 12 years of school here, I have had an overall amazing experience. I have created life long relationships with teachers, coaches, counselors, administrators, and students. Many of the adults working at McFarland Unified School District have had a great impact on my life and helped shape me to be the person I am today. These past two years at MUSD have not been the best. They are defiantly not the way I wanted to end my high school career. My junior and senior year of high school have been full of politician drama. Although I am not involved in it, I see how our administration and board members treat others who should be respected and honored. I believe as an administrator, school board member, and superintendent you should be there to help benefit the majority of students, not just a specific group of athletes. Overall, my experience at McFarland Unified School District has been good and I am glad to call McFarland my second home.
McFarland Unified Schools are so great! I love how everyone knows each other in this small town. One thing I would change with all the schools would be the bullying, but if you think about it, any school that you will attend you will find people that bully anywhere. Other than that McFarland is a great community. McFarland is a place where you can meet tons of new friends if you are genuinly a kind person to interact with.
McFarland High School is one of the best high schools in the state of California! C'mon, we even have a Disney movie based on us. There could be a little more diversity, but the town is so beautiful and the people are so welcoming, that won't even cross your mind! Highly recommend!!!
Mcfarland high school was where I learned to be more involved and where I also learned to be more responsible.
Would I like about McFarland High district is the positive attitude in everyone. Most adults, students, and peers I’ve talked to before are always saying great things about life and making the best out of everything and it truly is comforting. The only change I would like in McFarland is that hopefully in the future there could be more events, and volunteer work in such a small, hardworking town.
An extremely beautiful school not just because of the McFarland Movie,but because of the college readiness with teachers preparing us in many way.
I am currently a senior at Mcfarland High and i can truly say that my experience here has been amazing. We have an amazing faculty that is willing to help you in any area that you might need it in. They have helped me throughout my journey in attending a University, they offer many resources that benefit you.
It is a pretty nice district. A lot of teachers and staff it is awesome. Though i would like to see more classes like maybe a class for piano or a class teaching you another foreign language other than spanish. Overall it is still a pretty good district.
I like our school but not our district. They like to tell lies, keep away important information, and are interfering with the thing I love, FFA. They say they’re not trying to get rid of our program but in reality they are.
The district itself runs smoothly but like anything else, it has its problems. Throughout the schools within the district they are welcoming atmospheres for students but the overall communication with teachers and their students is brief. Communication is poor but other than that, there is student involvement, but the limitations are too restricting for students to fully express themselves through school spirit.
I hope there are still resources for students especially when they hope to attend college. I personally thought that the district did their best when it comes to supporting the students in the small town that is McFarland. In academics, I had courses that prepared me for college that I will start in the fall of 2017.
The McFarland Unified School District is one where it contributes to the ideas of the community as to better the education. The district consists of many teachers who will go out their way to help students suceed not only in the class but in life as well. One thing that can be changed will be the spirit and the school culture because not many students and faculty express it.
The past 12 years in the McFarland Unified School District have been phenomenal. I feel that this was a great experience. From a little 5 year old kindergarten kid, to a 17 year old high school senior i have always had a good experience.I was always prepared for every test and for every assignment. Never once was I upset with my school district. They always find a way to make sure their students are always ready and prepared for what is to come in life.
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I absolutely feel the closeness of each and every one of the students attending McFarland High. Because there are so few of us, the ratio between a student and a teacher is extremely convenient. With this however, comes the issue of little exposure to the outside world.
My experience was overall an extremely eye opening one being that I was exposed to the diverse cultures carried by those from McFarland. The teachers were truly amazing and truly cared for the well being of the students. Now don't be fooled though, the way most things work here is you must know someone to get in. The mentality of those in charge is not what you know its who you know. This is something that needs to change before they loose more of those amazing teachers you don't encounter daily.
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