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Good size. Safe. A lot of student involvement and teachers do care. Students are fairly wealthy and sometimes do not understand the real world or adversity.
I love McFarland. The small town vibe with block schedules really allows me to reach my highest educational potential.
McFarland High School overall is a wonderful school. The school does an amazing job of trying to promote kindness and empathy. There are many programs and times set aside to fight the issue of bullying and many great teachers who have an open door policy. I think that these teachers make the biggest difference. I do believe that more could be done to improve the culture of the school. Many students joke around and do not take rules seriously. I think that there should be a stronger program put in place to change the attitude of the students-- a program that promotes student leaders to step forward and set the example for what is right. I feel that when students step forward, it makes the a large impact. As far as sports go, I think that there is much potential for McFarland. The coaching staff for many of the sports is not very good and do not drive or motivate their players. I think that there should be coaching changes made to improve the quality of the sport programs.
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McFarland is filled with rich, white, privileged kids who have been going to school with each other their whole lives. The students are mostly kids who are able to grasp concepts quickly and do not have to try very hard in order to succeed. Because of this, the teachers really only teach according to this type of learning and for kids who don’t learn as quickly, the teachers aren’t willing to help, especially the science department. The students and teachers take what they have for granted and are very self centered.
There are a lot of great teachers there but they are leaving because they can get paid a lot more in other districts. We also need more technology access to better prepare us for college.
better food, more diversity, better college readiness. teaching is great you can go to a lot of people for help. Academics is always above par. At McFarland the vibe is all about school and how teachers can help.
The classes are ok. Many of the teachers are pushovers and don’t fully prepare students for college. There’s a wide variety of clubs for students to be involved in.
It's a small school in a small town. If you can picture that, you pretty much have a good image of McFarland. There is almost zero diversity in the entire district, but the resources (smart boards, laptops, etc) are very good. Academics are very important, and there are some good and some bad teachers here. The facilities and safety are excellent. If you want your child to grow up in an average town with racist and homophobes, and you want them to live an average life after, then come here.
McFarland school district really prepares their students for the future. Their athletic department has amazing coaches that really care about the students and guide them into the real world. Teachers are great in communicating with the students and parents. I graduated from McFarland High School and I could not imagine getting an education matching this district anywhere else in Dane County.
McFarland School District worked relentlessly to create a caring and constructive environment. In there efforts to help the student body they sometimes hurt it instead, by focusing single mindedly on one problem they sometimes failed to see how the solution chosen may harm other departments. As someone who closely aliened them-self with the art department I saw a lack of care or consideration for the space needs of the department. Although they failed at points to consider the entire school in their decision, they helped many problems with the school district, like changing our schedule to a A-B day to help with the AP students.
I really love McFarland High school because the teachers seem to work at their fullest potential and the school does all it can do to help you get ready for college.
Like any school, McFarland has it's goods and bads, but it's generally good teachers and small size help the goods outweigh the bads. One of the biggest downfalls for me was the fact that they don't have an FFA
Fantastic school district with lots of dedication and spirit. Great teachers with excellent abilities in helping every kind of student.
McFarland is a school in the state of Wisconsin and is a suburb of Madison, Wisconsin. There are things to do in McFarland such as go to Kwik Trip or go to the bowling alley. The McFarland High School is a popular school in the area and has many kids open enroll.
Ive attended McFarland District since first grade. The diversity in the school was below subpar, Id never had a teacher of color. Other than diversity, the school is funded well to improve the educational value. Classes push you forward & at the same time it follows the same disappointing criteria of many American schools; most of it is based on memorization. As for my overall review of faculty and staff are very polite and care for your education. Some dont do much when it comes to difficulty with course work or time constraints; thats something they need to improve on. This district should pride itself on safety, there are many procedures they constantly show students to keep them safe from an outside threat. Though I did not feel safe about the students themselves; theyre very closed minded and racist. Regarding the bigotry, there isnt much that could be done by faculty. Theres so much McFarland pride that you could drown in it & they try to be supportive of all sports and clubs.
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