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McDuffie County Schools Reviews

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Great School! Offers support classes, regular classes and classes for the more advanced, accelerated students. Offers a variety of electives such as Cosmetology, Agriculture, Health Occupations, Accounting and Business Communication to help students prepare for their careers. The teachers and administrators work together to build a positive and safe learning environment.
Average school, needs discipline and more funds allocated towards maintenance and teacher well being (Quality of job).
My overall experience with Thomson High School has been great. I have met some great teachers, that are passionate about the learning experience of the students. I played football all 4 years. During my high school years I have definitely had some highs and lows. Overall I feel like I am not only equipped for college, but for responsibility as a whole. I have learned a lot about my attitude, work and study habits. My high school years has been very challenging and exciting. I have learned so many things that will help me in life, and feel that I am prepared to face whatever obstacle that comes toward me.
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I've gone to the Mcduffie County school system my entire life and I can count on one hand the number of teachers I've had that really care about the students education. Truthfully, it isn't all their fault, our students are notoriously difficult. Overall I've just seen a lack of order in our system, with its constantly changing schedule and last minute changes so often, the school lacks structure.
I have 2 daughters that goes to Mcduffie County Schools and the staff and faculty are always friendly and willing to help in anyway......Glad I didn't move....
My whole grade school career in Mcduffie County was excellent. There were many changes made throughout the time being were made based on dicipline, grades, lunches, and school attitude. For the most part the teachers gave students the time of day to actually sit down and help what was not understood, and help any willing student not to fail. In this school as long as you want to succed you will not fail, every teacher teaches with every belonging in there heart.
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