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McDowell County is a city of middle class citizens, the education is far from perfect, but the teachers are usually decent. I don't have any experience with public middle-school or high school teachers because since I was in the seventh grade I have went to a private christian school, Nebo Crossing Academy. The high school has been ranked one of the lowest educational high schools in America. I know for me Nebo Crossing Academy has prepared me for not only college but for my future career. The smaller class size is ideal for a one-on-one kind of experience. The teachers are very qualified and some of the best instructors I have ever had.
Loving teachers that do the best they can with the current administration situation! When a teacher or principal is deemed "low achieving" it's time to cut ties instead of just shuffling staff! Make room for staff that CAN make a difference in the lives of children that will go on to build our future. McDowell Co. Schools IS A JOKE! With the exception of Glenwood Elem, schools in this district are run down and not well kept. Hallways and classrooms are cluttered and dirty; some completely nasty! A couple of principals in the district bully parents & support staff. There is so much noncompliance of federal law here that it's unnerving. Schools complain that there's not enough parental involvement, but parents that do engage in their children's education are shunned the second they disagree with administration! The saddest part is, it's a public school system with a "good ol boy" foundation and I doubt anything will change; not within the years my child is of school age.
Love the people and community-driven education. People in the school system around McDowell County focus on pushing their students towards academic success. The administration around the schools begins its support from the early stages of elementary school. The close-knit community of schools aide each other for the greater success of its students. As students climb the ladder, the schools make sure the students have traveled through their selected path in hopes of attaining the desired career.
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I loved my coaches and the relationships I built over the years. The lack of diversity in mcdowell can make it more difficult for people of color.
I liked the encouragement seen from the teachers. They could work on how they distribute the encouragement.
I love McDowell County Schools because I have known everyone for so long. It is a small town so everyone knows one another. The southern charm and hospitality makes individuals feel at home and welcome. I have been well educated from kindergarten to twelfth grade. Now I am getting ready to graduate and I am very grateful to have grown up with so many teachers and role models who have helped me be as successful as I am.
McDowell county schools are wonderful. The teachers always help and have always wanted the best for their students. The things I would like to see change is the way they focus more in their sports then they do their educations. That's the only down fall I have with McDowell county schools.
Most of the teachers were there for the students and understanding. Some of the teachers didn't care and just wanted to be mean and rude. The students were average teens, mean and rude and wanting to fight at all times.
My experience was overall very positive. I loved all my teachers (especially Mrs. Rideout)! I also had great classes that prepared me for college. I really cannot complain too much!
I was technically homeschooled, but I attended Mcdowell Technical Community college while I was in High School via the dual enrollment program. It was an amazing experience. I was able to earn my Associates Degree in Science and my high school diploma within a month of each other. The faculty and staff are incredible. They work hard to make sure each and every student succeeds. The professors are remarkable! I could not have asked for a better place to prepare myself for college.
When starting at McDowell, I was a high school junior. I was new to the school and the state of North Carolina. My first day there was really and honestly welcoming. Being apart of band and honors courses, I found that the people were very kind and were open minded. It felt like home and everyone was so eager to meet me. The school system is well planned out and makes the learning setting fun. Subjects and courses are easier to grasp and the teachers often check to make sure all students are understanding the curriculum.
There are good and bad things about McDowell. I'm trying not to demean my school because obviously I am a student, and I have had some good moments there. However the school is plain and simply pitiful in terms of their resources and supplies within the classes. Also, many of the kids in the school are on drugs and absolute idiots. With all this being said I feel like the school overall has a very good teaching and administrative staff; some of the best teachers in the state probably teach at this school, I certainly have a few in mind.
McDowell high school is a very average school that you either hate or find average. The teachers and hidden gems are what make this school great. They take sexual harassment and bullying mostly seriously. The main issue is parent involvement. Too many teens are poor and depressed and have lack of parent support.
The teachers in this county are always willing to help, however the schools as a whole need major upgrades. McDowell Tech (where McDowell Early College High School) is located is the poorest community college state wide. The world around McDowell is evolving while McDowell is way way behind.
McDowell county schools did not offer enough classes to challenge all students. More focus is placed on sports than academics. Budgeting should be adjusted to put academic needs before athletic needs.
I enjoyed many of the teachers I had, but there were teachers that definitely should not have gone into that line of work. I enjoyed band and AP environmental science the most.
Good group of schools, small and friendly. The sports don't get evenly funded and the food isn't always good but the teachers help you out when they can.
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McDowell County Schools provided good academic opportunities for me throughout all stages of my education before college. From kindergarten to my senior year of high school there have been many pros and cons about the school district. There are many encouraging academic programs for all ages and many types of club and sport involvement.
It's a retry good school over all but I have seen a lot of bullying that goes unaddressed even if you go to the office multiple times
My experience at Mcdowell High has been aswesome. All of the teachers and administrators are all here to help at any time and they are strict about following the rules. You always have any support you need even beyond issues with school.
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