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McDonald County R-I School District Reviews

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It is a great school, full of great people who really care for each student. Every teacher, counselor, and staff member is more than willing to go out of their way to help a student. Every teacher I have ever had was great about helping and making time for students if they needed extra help. I am incredibly grateful for all of their efforts and kind hearts. When I started here my freshman year, I was intimidated by the size and endless possibilities of highschool. But if you are willing to put yourself out there, staff and the large portion of the student body are always welcoming and kind. I have met the largest majority of my friends at this school, and without it I would not be the person I am today.
It is a decent school, diverse and the administration is OKAY (they get their jobs done, at least) . But it is very poor in safety, and they tend to turn a blind eye if a student, who isn't popular, needs help.
The teachers are really nice about staying after school or getting there before school starts to help a student work on a project or help with homework. They are also nice about helping during their prep block. I would like to see more appreciation for janitors or the school nurse or anyone who doesn't get more attention.
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I like how small the school district is. The teacher to student ratio is fantastic. I would like to see my school more interested in academics than in sports. I would also like to see some improvements in the condition of my school. There are missing ceiling tiles and the paint peels off the walls. For the first month of school we did not have accessible bathrooms. McDonald county has amazing teachers who care so much for their students.
I think McDonald County is a great District. They have caring teachers, a unique diversity and everyone works hard for the students.
The school is a really close community. You’ll know most of the people you go to school with. You’ll have many teachers who really care about you and seeing you succeed.
I feel McDonald County R-1 School District has many bright aspects.This community based school system creates a great, homey environment for students coming together all over the county. Everyone is treated like family, despite race or home life, which we have a wide diversity of. The overall atmosphere of our district is upbeat and relaxed. The only things I would want to see changed are evaluations of teachers. I feel all teachers need to be held accountable and held to the same standards as others.
Have had good experiences with my daughters teachers and classes. Extra curricular activities are plentiful for all students.
McDonald County High School is a great school. The teachers are great and willing to help, even after school. I wish there was more help in getting college information and help understanding and applying for college
This High school has very nice family environment about it. The teachers are excellent and if you are ever in need of help or just someone to talk to they are their to help.
McDonald County High School is a wonderful school to attend. The teachers are all very educated and make sure that you are doing your best and succeeding. A lovely program overall.
McDonald County R-1 School District really helped me get through a rough four years. The staff, teachers, were always available when you needed them and always helped in any way they possibly could. My experience was excellent because their was always something going on at that school. Whether it was sports, band, assemblies, they managed to squeeze that in their. Teachers knew their subject and always taught it in different ways so everyone understood what was going on. If a student still didn't understand they would figure out another way to teach it. Those are reasons why I wouldn't change anything at McDonald County. I believe they are on the right track and they know what they are doing.
The teachers genuinely care about each student and strive to see them succeed. Funding is cut short for several clubs. The students are known for trying to show other schools how "hick" they can be. The sports teams improve each year, and they are still growing. There are refugees and immigrants attending the school. The food is hardly edible, so packed lunches are suggested. There are holes in the ceiling in the band room, leaks, and worn rooms.
I enjoy McDonald County High School. I would like to see more advanced classes for students. I would also like to see more technology based classes in the school.
I love it here. The staff is friendly and always so welcoming to everyone. The only thing I wish I could change is to get rid of block scheduling. I hate sitting in class for 1:30.
Friendly teachers and students. McDonald County High School is full of pride and support. Small school, means a hands on environment. Most students know each other as well as the teachers.
Overall, the district is very good. The teachers and administrators do whatever that possibly can do try and make the County a better place; however, our sports teams are not very successful. Our resources are limited compared to other schools. We are one of the poorest counties in Missouri, but we all come together as a family in the end. McDonald County is a loving community full of support. We have been through tragic experiences and came together as one. McDonald County R-1 School District is one of the best districts in the four states. I am proud to be from the County. Once a Mustang, always a Mustang.
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I really like the school it has a lot of things to do and is still growing every year. McDonald county has things other high schools don't have like an engineering program and a carpentry program, to a business and financial class.
The high school is great! The teachers are really helpful and I love their teachings even though sometime kinda boring. I experience my high school life there and get to meet different people. I also still get to hang with my friends.
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