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My experience with the McCrory School District has been great. I've learned a lot from teachers and made great friends. I also got plenty of opportunities to do things in EAST, Student Council, and Future Bureau Leaders of America (FBLA).
McCrory has such an amazing and well rounded education program. The staff and faculty really care for their students and make sure they are achieving the best of their abilities. Not only does McCrory have a endowed educational program, they have a great town to live in for everyone. It may be a small town, but it’s a great place to call home. Everyone is kind enough to speak to you everywhere you turn. You’ll never fee alone in McCrory, AR.
At McCrory High School I have learned how to be responsible in getting all of my work done and submitted on time. I have learned how to be a responsible young adult and to be kind and respectable to anyone that talked to me. A few things I would like to see change about the school would be that the teachers help us out on our work a little bit more than what they have been. Another thing would be to get a little bit better food ... the food there is terrible. The last thing I would like to see change is that every student there would go to school to learn and not to just jack around and be the class clown. There are many people that don't get the chance to go to school and we get to go every day. These are thing I like and would like to see change at McCrory High School
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I graduated from this school district back in 2013. When I started going there I had just moved from Chicago, IL. So it was a big culture shock. The school isn't really diverse at all and it seems like the small town has a lot of favorites. But overall the teachers and faculty strive to make your education better and just want the best for your future. Although sometimes I felt like an outkast socially, academically I thrived and kept my grades up most of the time.
The McCrory school district, both the elementary and high school, are amazing in creating a learning enough that challenges and develops it's students into bright young adults. Not only do their students grow academically they grow personally and creates connections that you will never forget. The McCrory school district is a extraordinary experience.
The school district in my opinion is great. All of the faculty and staff seem to be genuinely concerned with the well-being and education of the students. Having a smaller school allows for more one on one communication and relationships.
My experience at McCrory High School has been great. Some things I like at the high school is how the teachers treat student, the way the principal is active and encouraging, and how the school provide help to families. There are many other great things about this school, but there are also things I would like to see change. one thing I would like to see change is the way the school buses are. They are really dirty and it really smells bad. Another thing I would like to see change is discipline. As far as now, the discipline is not really connected to the bad behavior, in my honest opinion. I can honestly say, my experience at McCrory High School is really great.
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