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McCreary County Public Schools Reviews

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McCreary needs to better prepare students for college. To much emphasis is placed on sports. More medical courses need to be added to currlickum for those students intending to major in the medical field.
Terrible principles are power crazy and treat children like criminals, no one cares what teachers they hire or how many rules teachers violate.
The McCreary County school is a big community of friends and family. I feel safe and welcomed each time I walk through the door.
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McCreary schools have been very supportive in choosing a career pathway, as well as college. The school environment is well laid back but enjoyable as well as safe.
Teacher-Student relationship. Teachers will always try to help you with your grades. Nice faculty. Puts students first.
I started in as a transfer student from another state. The school system was three years behind what I had. No one wanted to use new vocabulary words or increase their vocabulary. My brother's and I were treated like outsiders. In high school I had a counselor tell I would never make a nurse. If I had believed him, I would not be a LPN and going on for my bachelor degree in nursing and made the Dean's list. This school needs major revisions.
McCreary County is a very wonderful school district. The staff and teachers at each school building care very much about shaping the minds of younger children.
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