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McCracken County Public Schools Reviews

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McCracken County Public Schools have many good things and many poor things. If you enjoy clubs,sports,or activities,these schools will give the best opportunities for you. When it comes to academics,food,etc it’s relatively poor.
I really enjoyed all of the classmates and range of activities available to everyone. I didn't like the dance coach as she was demeaning to her dancers.
I have had the best experience that anyone could ask for in a public schools system. Everyone is friendly and helpful.
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McCracken County schools are the best. They have the friendliest teachers and principals ever! The staff push you to be your absolute best and want you to prosper in life. They make the atmosphere here so fun.
McCracken County High School is a very great school, for the last 3 years I’ve gone to McCracken, it’s been the best 3 years. I am very proud to call myself a Mustang!
I am a basketball player at McCracken County High school. At McCracken there is a very diverse population because we combined 3 different high schools just 5 years ago. There are over 2,000 students in our school which brings a lot of different activities and clubs. It has been a very amazing experience so far at my school because I have been able to make new friends, explore opportunities, and learn from the people around me.
While underfunded and understaffed, McCracken County tries its hardest to see all its students achieve. I could not praise the outstanding performance of teachers, counselors, principals, and faculty enough.
McCracken County High is awful for anyone that isn't in football, soccer, or co-ed cheerleading. Most of the administration doesn't even know you exist, especially the principles, who will butcher any name that isn't as basic as "Smith". This place is like prison, if you want to leave the cafeteria to go use the bathroom, someone will stop you and tell you that know one is allowed to leave. We have five resource officers and it seems like their only job is to make sure you have permission to breathe. You can't wait in your car in the mornings and you can leave the classroom 10 minutes after the bell rings or ten minutes before. I could go on and on about it, but I understand. Some parents don't raise their children to function like normal people and the need to be constantly supervised so they don't skip class and draw on the bathroom stalls.
McCracken County High School gives you the best tools to help you succeed. It's a safe, helpful environment that put me in the right direction. Not only will they push you to be a better person, but will push you to be a better worker. Left and right there are people that will help you understand the criteria until needs are met. I thank McCracken County High School for teaching me how to go above and beyond.
McCracken County High School was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I came from the smallest of the three schools that consolidated to form McCracken a school of over 2,000 kids. McCracken was the place where I made my best friends, got to experience an amazing athletic environment, and got an amazing education. Throughout high school, I was involved in many programs that prepared me for my future such as the Biomedical sciences program, Coed Cheerleading, and National Honors Society, which gave me a perfect excuse to do community service such as volunteering at a therapeutic horse riding for kids with disabilities. The opportunities at McCracken are endless and the staff never fails to put a smile on my face. Overall, my experience at McCracken was the best high school experience I could have asked for.
The school has a drama and performance arts curriculum. Students are actively involved in the arts. Through this program I was able audition for plays and musical, concert performances and refine my talent. I was also able to be a member of the dance team. The collaboration and team experiences taught me many valuable life skills. The school also offers AP classes and dual credit college courses to help us get a jump start on college credits.
I like the opportunities offered and the unifying dynamic of McCracken, but there is a bit too much of an emphasis on sports, leaving non-athletic students feeling alienated and left out.
The McCracken County School District provides many opportunities for each type of student. Teachers invest in the students and care about their success. There is truly a place for everyone in this school system.
McCracken County Highschool has taught me how 3 schools can come together as one big family. All the teachers here are amazing and are always trying to keep us on the right path and not get distracted.
I loved the inclusivity of McCracken. I felt as if everyone had a place, there was a niche where every student and faculty member could feel like they happily belonged. There were so many aspects of McCracken education-wise and extra-curricular wise that no one should've felt left out.
McCracken County Schools has been hands down the best experience I have had with a school system. The teachers and administration are absolutely amazing. We have the best principal in the state of Kentucky. Our school offers so much.
Mccracken county highschool is a great school. This school looks for the best in every aspect of education.
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McCracken County schools have a lot to offer that is one thing I like about the school. The school has such a variety of fields that help students find a career path.
It was a really nice school. My teachers were nice and I enjoyed my time at this school. Courses were challenging but at the same time, very rewarding.
I love this school!!! Amazing atmosphere and teachers! It's very clean. They really do know how to keep you interested in learning. The college prep in this school is like nothing I've ever seen before.
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