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McCool Junction Public Schools Reviews

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I have been going to McCool Junction since I was in preschool. I have grown up with everyone in the town and get along with everyone in my school and small town.
I came to McCool Junction in the middle of my 7th grade year, the first thing they said to me when I walked in was, Welcome to the Mustang Family. Throughout my time here, I have realized that this school is a family. If someone needs help everyone comes to help. The teachers are very understanding and willing to help you with any situation that comes your way. At this school everyone is involved in at least one activity outside of school time. We all come together to make this the best experience possible.
I can say for one thing, McCool Junction Public school is like a family. The teachers and staff care about the education of students, but they also care about making a comfortable and fun environment for the students to learn in. The community is always supportive and everyone feels like they belong. Every student is involved with at least one activity which brings us together. People don't want to just go to school to get an education, but they want to go somewhere that makes them feel right at home and I believe McCool gives that experience.
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I love that this school is a family. Everybody is welcoming and your first day at this school would feel like you have always been here. The administration does a wonderful job of making sure that the students are in a good learning environment.
I love how friendly everyone is, the school program everything. From the students to the teachers its a very successful school system. I am proud to be going to school at McCool.
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