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the teachers are very helpful in the students learning. they are not always serious and have fun with the students.
Administration is not in touch with what is actually happening in the classroom. They might have reciebed superior rating from here and there but the education that I received there was far below what it could have been.
I like how most of the teachers care. It was also a decent size school but your teachers knew you personally. Also if you were to need help most of the time teachers help you unless you are a student that doesn’t pay attention. At McCook High School we each get an iPad which helps us on our studies. If you don’t know how to turn in your homework or don’t know how to do it you can ask the teachers and they will help you. When you come in as a freshman when you get your iPad that is the iPad you get for your four years there. There are many clubs and activities you can get involved in like art club, interact club, family fun night, and annual spring play. There are also numerous sports you can get involved in like men and women tennis, basketball, men and women golf, track and field, wrestling, swimming and dive, and volleyball. There is definitely always something you can get involved in at McCook High School.
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In this school being different is a bad thing, most people here are stupid, racist or do drugs. However there are some good people here. The lunch food is really gross. Some of the classroom have water leaks. The school mostly only cares about the football and sports here and nothing else
Overall, the experiences have been good but some of the staff don't act like they care to do their job properly.
McCook is great when it comes to working together as not only a school but a community. Our football program is a big deal. We have the best student section in the state. When it comes to the Friday night lights, you can always bet the stands will be full and the stadium will be loud. Ever since we got a new principal this year, the school has started to recognize the smaller clubs and academics more as well. We hold many assemblies in honor of our sports, drama team, academics and students with outstanding leadership. Even McCook High School Alumni tend to come back and start their family here. The high school classes average around one hundred students per class. This is a small town where everyone is like family. We all look out for each other.
McCook Public School's motto is "Equipping all students to succeed in a complex and global society." I believe we live up to that standard on certain topics, but fail in others. Our high school recently acquired a change in administration, and I truly believe MPS is on it's way to reaching it's goal of helping every student succeed. Over the past few years, we have lacked greatly on supporting the arts and diverse clubs our school has to offer. This year, however, there is a change in atmosphere. The hometown-famous saying, "We are one," is finally ringing true. I've never felt so much support in this school and I cannot wait to watch it continue to grow in the future.
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