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I just really felt like McComb School District is the best school district in Pike County. High Graduation rates. Low drop-out rates. I really enjoy being a student at this school.
This is a good school not going to highly recommend it. The band is great to be apart of,also there is a good JROTC program here.
McComb High School is an okay school , it definitely isn’t the best school in this area . We do have a few pretty good teachers but some teachers are not so qualified .
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My twelve years in McComb School District were amazing. All of my core classes, electives, and extra-curricular activities were both helpful and enjoyable. I was able to have twelve years free of drama and negativity. I really love this school district.
There needs to be more extracurricular activities added at the middle school level. There should be another school set up for students that are not succeeding in public school.
Mccomb high school is the best place a child could ever experience. No child left behind is our motto and I can clearly say mccomb school district leave up to that expectation. We have a healthy and clean learning environment with loving and caring students , staff , and administration.
McComb School District is a great school but there is much room for improvement. Our high school should be more disciplined and the school lunches can be improved but they are trying.
The things I like about McComb school district is everybody was so nice and welcoming. The things I would love to see change is they need to prepare students better for college. Talk to them about finical aid and prepare them better for the ACT and lastly how to get scholarships.
I love the school. I love how the teacher take their time and help us. How the school is like a close net family, everyone knows everyone. The School need some improvement but we have the right people at the right place to make those changes. The superintendent is doing his best to get McComb High School back to where it use to be. He is preparing McComb High school to be a World Class School. And he is the right person to do it.
I graduated from McComb in 2016. The school was a small town school. They are very dedicated to sports. The administration could use some help, that rubs off on the teachers performance. There are good teachers but theyre just tired of the administration.
My experience at McComb High School has been interesting. The years passed by soo fast. It seems it was just my freshman year last year. McComb High School has molded me to be a more dependable young lady and I appreciate it.
McComb school district is the main public school in the Pike County Area. It was a 5A school when I attended. The facilities were the best in the county but the diversity and faculty was lacking. The school does not have many alum that go straight to 4 year university after graduating. The school is overall okay for a public school in Mississippi.
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