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McBain Rural Agricultural Schools Reviews

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Mcbain is a small town, meaning that the school is also very small. There are perks to this because you get a lot more help from teachers, and you get more opportunities to be involved in different groups. It is easy to make friends here, because everyone knows everyone. Something that I would like to see updated is the sports complex at the football field, which is something we have had for a long time and the track needs to be updated. Each student is equipped with a laptop, which is really helpful in research and essay writing.
I liked many things about McBain Schools. I like that the elementary, middle school, and high school are all connected; this makes getting around easier and it is just nice to have everything in one spot. I also like the size; I believe that the class sizes are perfect and I would not want more or less kids in my classes. Not to mention our sports teams are awesome. Sports at McBain have been among the greatest experiences of my life. My favorite part about this school though is the teachers. The teachers here make an effort to connect with the students and really get to know them on a personal level which is very helpful and makes coming to school fun. They try hard to prepare us for life and the future, and to help us to learn and grow. I highly recommend McBain Schools for anybody looking.
Mcbain Public is a great school, plenty of great friends and teachers. Great college readiness. I would recommend this school for anyone interested. Never been in a better school
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Went there my whole life, students and staff are great! Open campus so you can go downtown for lunch for a slice of pizza or whatever you want.
McBain is the best school in the area and the highest appraised for our sports and other extra curricular activities. we are leading the front in technology to the point that our robotics team made it to the world competitions.
McBain Rural Agricultural Schools is an excellent school in beautiful McBain, MI. It has a small town feel, but does not sacrifice the quality of the education and experiences. Faculty and staff are caring and supportive for all students and their academic success. Additionally students have a multitude of extracurricular activities that they are welcomed to participate in ranging from all forms of art to a variety of athletics. I am truly proud of my high school and glad to be a part of it's rich heritage and community.
After going to McBain Public School for my entire educative career, I can clearly see all of the flaws with it. There's are no Agricultural clubs or activities, despite the name and location, and the available class list is lacking to say the least. There are no other elective history options, and the only elective English option is AP English. We only offer on each foreign language: Spanish, and when they do add more elective options, they arent completely planned or thought out. (Forensic science and social media have no real curriculum and become just a basic study hour for many because there is nothing to do.) The school's teacher said are almost all top-notch. They aren't friendly and relatable, and are very lax about homework, due dates, or test stress.
I felt very comfortable as a student, but I also felt that I was not challenged very much. I enjoyed my classes and my teachers very much. I loved how I felt I was friends with some of my teachers. I wish our school offered a wider variety of classes, but I know that since our school is much smaller we aren't able to have them.
McBain schools is not a bad place to be. The only problems I have had is with poor teachers. The food in the cafeteria is good, but you are not given a good portion. For the most part all of us students get along well with one another and will help each other out when needed.
Overall my experience at McBain high school has been good, of course every school has things to work on. Therefore, nothing is perfect. I feel that our school does a good job with academics and making that a priority but I do wish that we had more preparation for college classes!
For a small community this is a five star school. I graduated here and now live in another district but drive my kids to and from this school daily. The percentage of graduated successful students is excellent!
Very happy with this school. My child has thrived while being I'm Mcbain schools. The teachers and staff actually care about their students and families, and make learning fun!
What I love about McBain Schools is how clean everything is and the landscaping. Even though it is a public school, there are the 10 commandments on the walls and 90% of the teachers are christians. One thing I don't like about the school is almost everyone is related and don't welcome anyone new unless they are good at sports.
McBain is a great school but they tend to focus more on students that excel in either academics and sports. You will definitely be able to tell who the favorites are and will see who are not. With that said, there are a few teachers that look past that, of which I truly valued.
I liked being able to review colleges before I applied, visited, and/or committed. The ability to look for scholarships that I would not be able to apply to otherwise. I would not change much. I was overall pleased with the easy usage and organization; however, I would like to see where the information for colleges got cited from.
Overall I love McBain High School. I am involved in choir, band, and sports. All these programs at McBain are phenomenal. Even If you are not a sports or musical person, our bleachers and stands are always welcoming and excited to see more people pile in. There are a lot of great teachers but there are some not so great. But there are more great teachers that are very helpful and in love with their job than not. So I decide to surround myself with the teachers that are constructive and the ones that are excited for me to succeed.
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