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McAllen ISD is a very diverse and welcoming school district. Teachers and administrators go above and beyond to give their students the best high school experience.
I have been in the McAllen Independent School District (MISD) for my whole school life. I've found it to be a really good district, although I can't compare it to another because I don't have any experience being in another one. McAllen ISD's schools are really good. I've been in McAllen IB schools since 5th grade and I really appreciate that they have that program. I also really appreciate their school's arts programs; McAllen ISD offers choir, band, orchestra, art, and drama elective options. I've found that McAllen ISD has a really good school environment and I haven't seen or heard about bullying occurring in any of my schools in recent years. However, one thing that I would change about McAllen ISD is that some schools would be better after some renovations. I would also like for school to start at a later time (you're tardy at 7:45 a.m. in McAuliffe Elem. and at 8:00 a.m. at De Leon Middle School and Lamar Academy), since studies show that students would benefit from this.
As an new incoming freshman, I was pleased with their involvement, and support. They helped me in adapting. Front staff was a bit rude, and not very helpful.
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Very helpful administration and spirited district. Very caring of their students and the benefits for the students.
Everybody in this school district is really involved, from the students to the administrators. The teachers make sure to get the content to us, to make sure we are ready for college, AP exams, and etc.
I honestly love being a part of the McAllen ISD family. It makes me ACTUALLY want to go to school and want to be involved in the activities that the district hosts.
IB Lamar is a very good school with dedicated teachers who care about students' academic future. Classes in History, Math, Chemistry and Foreign languages are very intensive and structured. Most of the class time is concentrated on doing special projects which in a way prepares us for college. The school administration helps with academic guidance. The academic councelor is the best in helping us to navigate through the web of admission processes of various universities
It is a great place where people come together to learn. It is a safe environment, and no school shootings have happened. People are fun and different. Great place to be.
McAllen ISD is full of educational opportunities that help foster student growth. Many teachers in the district care about their students and their learning, aiding them to find success independently. Academically, McAllen schools have the resources to ensure success. Sports and extracurriculars also thrive, though music and STEM programs should be far more endorsed and encourage than just sports alone. Making education a priority to all students helps make our futures brighter!
I like how there is an equal balance of academics and athletics. The teachers and principles genuinely acre about your learning and how you are doing in each one of your classes. As well as that, McAllen High School also offers AP and Dual enrollment classes. we are also one of the few AVID schools. I am a part of the National Honor Society, I am the Captain of the Dance team, I am in track, Musical theatre, and Powerlifting.
I believe it to be a great district with great teachers and academics and would recommend it in a heart beat, but believe that they can change the campuses, the enrollment, and the ranking issue. We have separate campuses that are extensions of all campuses and it get hectic with the different testing schedules and teaching methods. There have been complaints and many believe that the IB campus should be considered their own high school and not an added appendage to the home schools.
My high school experience was as average as it gets. Popular students winning every "best this or that", and the awkward students keeping to themselves. I was more stuck in the middle. Mcallen ISD has offered me many opportunities to be apart of a group such as NHS, band, and FFA. While also make unforgettable memories and winning various awards in my extra-curricular courses. While many parts were great, there's something I believe need changing, such as teacher favoritism, being both a favorited student by some and a back-of-the-classroom kid in others, there's definitely a HUGE difference in student treatment. Another random issue would be that they lock all the doors a while after the bell rings, which I believe is a fire hazard for after-school tutoring or clubs who need to evacuate if a fire happens, there is NO escape route or emergency afterschool procedures.
McAllen Independent School District's high school programs succeed due to the International Baccalaureate programme provided to a small minority of students. The rigor and critical thinking that the International Baccalaureate programme causes the students to engage in allows the students to be readily prepared for their following years at colleges and upper-level institutions.
This school districts sucks, they don't even care about you. But. Everyone is diffrent unless you're so involved and have all the money they will care about you.
As a student in the IB Program at Lamar Academy, I have been taught by the best teachers the district has to offer. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time, and have grown exponentially as a student. MISD truly is a top-tier school district, and I feel fully prepared for whatever challenges college may bring.
I really like that School district. There is a lot of good things I can mentioned, for example the good buildings. I really like them because they are so pretty and that says a lot about a school, people often tend to see the outside to decide but talking about th "inside" I can tell that there is a really good educational program.
Very good school district. Really cares about students and offers a lot of opportunities for everybody. Good sports and academics. Nice teachers. UIL is a big focus of a lot of schools and a lot of students participate. They have an IB program for motivated students and night school and an accelerated program for students who need that service.
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The McAllen Independent School District has opportunities for everyone, but they must be willing to work for them. At this school, teachers and administration encouraged students to work rigorously through presentations and one-on-one conversations. McAllen ISD empathizes with their students to make opportunities work out for them.
I spent two years at the IB program at Lamar Academy which is an MISD school and during the time I was enrolled it was the number one IB school and I can definitely agree. The teachers are always cooperative and willing to work around any issues the student has. While the work is hard, the uplifting environment makes it all easy and worth it.
I enjoyed how engaged my teachers were over the years. Many inspired me to become a successful individual and motivated me to pursue my ambitions.
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