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McAllen ISD is a wonderful school district that is diverse and accepting of all people. The academic rigour of the AP and IB program gives the district a high achieving portfolio. When I go to class, I have never left without feeling valued and appreciated by participating and learning our course material. Every day, I am happy to go to school and see my friends, my teachers, and all the other faculty and administrators. I have moved around a lot in my life. I have lived throughout Texas. I have been in public and private schools. However, I can say without a doubt that McAllen ISD has been the best district that I have attended. My sisters, my cousins, and many family members of mine look forward to following my journey and that starts by attending MISD.
There was lots of fights but the teachers and fellow students were an amazing attribute to my high school experience.
my experience at memorial high school was overall okay, it wasn't the best but it could have been a lot worse, the staff is really friendly, but like every other school it has it teachers that can be overwhelming. I, myself should have stepped up and been more involved with the school, but high school wasn't really my "peak" as per say. the school should overall improve on the constant bullying that going on around there. kids are too afraid to speak up, thinking that something might happen to them, or that no one is willing to help them. Overall Memorial is not a bad school, The clubs there are so fun and allows anyone to participate, allowing us to show out true talents. I would rate this school a 4 out of 5, I would not change the experiences I had there for any other high school.
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Great school district. Really caring of their students and most importantly their health. MISD takes all precautions necessary to make sure students are safe.
I really enjoyed my time in mcallen isd there were some down falls to the district. I liked the culture but there was clear favoritism not only in the school but with the schools.
I lived in many places before and every district is very difirent from each other. Mcallen has been one of the most welcoming and helping district, I have ever lived in. They have many activities that students and parents can participate and they are very informative with everything they do. The district of Mcallen makes you feel like home. I would not change anything about it and they faculty is honestly has the most heart warming people.
This school district has many options of creative classes and advanced courses. I love how they try as much to make it better every year for the students.
The Human Resources Department oversees the recruitment, selection and hiring of District employees, working to place highly qualified professionals and support staff in positions throughout McAllen ISD. In addition, the department oversees Administrative Services, Compensation and System Management, Employee Relations and Support, Policies and Procedures and Educator Quality.
McAllen ISD offers a diverse curriculum and extracurricular activities for students. They are always willing to listen and often add new events as students become more interested. I would recommend this school district.
I've been living in McAllen my whole life and been to different school's since elementary to high school. The district handles situations very well and do the best they can for their students and anything that it thrown they're way. I feel like they have the best Academics because the teacher in the schools teach and make us wanna learn new subjects everyday in class. McAllen's schools I've attended were good learning wise and my surroundings too I felt safe in school and was also ready to learn. If you haven't attended a school here and are wanting to leave here I can say you will have a good education and well want to go to school everyday because that's how good it is!
The McAllen School district Is very active and love to show off their students! however, some teachers they hire need to be more checked up on.
My overall experience with McAllen ISD has been nothing short of excellence. I love the culture of the school, the relationship between student and teachers and the feeling of camaraderie in class, sporting events and social gatherings. McAllen ISD has offered me a great education that has prepared me for the next level of education.
McAllen ISD is a great district. The administration tries to be a part of the students lives by hosting public events. Something I would like to see changed is that they have more school activities and life. When I attended it seemed very bland and not interesting which made school life suck. However, they did try but it was not enough
I liked that they had everything you needed in the go center to apply to scholarships and get everything ready for college
Much of what goes on within MISD can be summarized in the unmistakable culture of McAllen. With a heavy emphasis on cultural and personal expression ranging from culinary programs to mariachi clubs to myriad student art displays, the K-12 experience at MISD is peppered with identity expression, pulling from a culturally rich history of Tejanos.
I have been a McAllen isd student since Pre-k and they have always helped students to learn the best and the teachers are all amazing.
They have a great program for students going into various types of degrees and careers. Some of the staff are questionable who's versions of "tough love" are just downright rude. Some staff play favorites and are not afraid to show, this mostly is towards the counselors and up. Overall teachers and others are very nice, and caring towards the progression of a student's education.
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Met some of the most influential teachers that shaped to who I am today. Downside is rules increased every year and privileges given to certain grades diminished.
McAllen ISD does a very good job of promoting, supporting and endorsing the fine arts programs in all three high schools. There is even a concert at the end of the year where all 3 varsity choirs sing a major work.
At McAllen ISD you will find diversity throughout the hallways, classrooms, and athletic events. Which is astonishing and something I love and am proud of about the McAllen Independent School District. Furthermore, It seems to feel like a very divided environment. It would be in the District best interest to develop ideas and events for the students as in school dances, pep rallies, presentations, and enforce Student Council.
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