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McAlester Public Schools Reviews

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McAlester is a great school to attend and teachers help you out a lot when your failing or need something.
New to McAlester schools and so far enjoyed the experience. Everyone is helpful and active in the community.
I enjoyed the school atmosphere however the emphasis on sports and some of the coaches made it hard to enjoy being on a team
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McAlester Public School has a great staff with teachers that truly care about their students. The high school is a safe and fun environment with lots of opportunities. One thing that could improve is the school lunches, but everything else is pretty great.
McAlester Public School is the best School I have attended. It is well involved with students and their activities. It’s heping gets get more involved with the community, making new friends, etc. Their education is amazing with their honor classes they offer and colleges corses that they allow students to take.
I really like the band program and my band teachers, but the state of the school should be improved, its hard to do since we really don't have money.
I haven't gone to this school yet but I am pretty sure I am going to love it there it will be so much fun there I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The teachers are sweet and kind, but the students not so much. Academic wise is so hard to achieve due to the stupidity of most of the students prevent it to be successful. The food sucks, but that's expected.
The school is a fun place to be. although the teachers and food aren't hat great, its a good environment. The counselors do everything they can to help, along with our GEAR UP advisor. Sports are a good thing to be in, including our different clubs, and activities. You will find a lot of support in your team. Over all, McAlester is a good place to spend your high school years.
My experience with McAlester High School has been pretty good! They have a lot of things to ready you for life out side of High School. They provide more than enough help to push you to graduate. The food isn't the best, which I think they could fix. Although sports there are wonderful, and all the coaches help out!
My experience at McAlester has been great. The staff and student body are full of great people. The teachers care about each student, and will drive each one to succeed.
Parker is a big school with a small town feel. Kids are treated equally and are offered many opportunities to excel. With schools being tested driven this school is covering all curriculum and not just focused on test prep, which is refreshing!
My experience has been okay. The teachers at mcalester high school do not particularly care about our education because they're getting paid regardless of if we pass. It's really obvious they do not want to be there with us.
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