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During my years attending the Mayville schools I have seen many and experienced many changes in the school itself, administration, and academics. The middle school implicates personalized learning (kids learn online at their pace, no deadlines) however the teachers themselves do not teach or prepare the students for the high school. Then with my years at the high school I was there for the change in principals twice, change in superintendent, a new sports director and three new deans. I also was there for throughout the remodeling and renovating the high school. The conditions were terrible, through out the school days they had walls coming down and were tearing out lockers and flooring. The construction workers had hard hats and masks on because the dust and chemicals was hard to breathe in because none of the windows are able to be opened, however the students were discouraged from having masks and in some situations students were hurt throughout the process of the referendum.
Mayville School District is dedicated to empowering learners and preparing students for our global society. There are many caring teachers, support staff, and administrators that go above and beyond for to meet the needs of students.
Mayville highschool is a work in progress. We currently are undergoing bulding construction to make our school safer, but glass rooms are being added which does not make kids feel safe by any means. Teachers are not teaching kids to be ready for college. The way our school carries itself is overall terrible.
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I think that the Mayville School District is very good. Just like any other school district, it has its highs and lows. The teachers and the knowledge learned is good but they are not many opinions of studies to chose from, I felt like I was behind others when I entered college.
All of the people were very friendly and willing to help out with whatever you need.
Mayville State University, is an excellent college! The professors are very helpful and they want you to succeed, they push you, they encourage you to think outside the box, do your best work, and be successful.
Mayville has a great tight-knit community of students that make you feel at home. Through their amazing out of the norm activities such as Challenge Day, there is an environment of peace. To the students' eye, there was no evidence of terrible bullying.
Mayville has a decent school district. I like the small town atmosphere where everyone knows each other. There are some things I would change however. I would have more opportunities for the students to take part in such as a variety of elective classes and more after school activities. I would also change it because I believe the school is more focused on it's sports instead of academics.
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