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I like how they treat you like a family and also want the best for you and will push to make things great.
Mayville has problems like any other school. It is full of great people. Our teachers are amazing, maybe some of the best in the county. They create a connection with the students that helps push them for greatness and makes them feel welcome. Some may say Mayville is a bad school, but they are usually the troublemakers that are disrespectful and receive low scores. Mayville is a great school, just needs more funding. We might not have nice buidlings like Caro and North Branch but that doesn't matter. What matters is the education the students get, which is top notch.
Mayville schools aren't great. They linger behind other bigger schools. The small town atmosphere is the worst part of it. Most people here hold their noses in the air unless you are a certain family. If you aren't you do not matter. That is the real Mayville. The schools here do NOT stand out for any good reasons at all. If you want your children to have a top notch education, it is not going to come from Mayville, Michigan. They will not be happy here. You will not be happy here.
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Mayville has definitely had some bumps in its management. I believe Mr. Markwart is really turning the school around for the better. The teachers care for every student and always try to push them to do their best. They were having issues with the buses, but I believe it has been somewhat sorted out. The food has been on a downward slope though, and it continues to fall. The quality isn't that bad, but the proportions make you think you're back in kindergarten!
I was a new student to Mayville High School in February , my senior year of high school. By this time the kids in my grade were mentally checked out and did not want to have any part of school anymore. I felt very unwelcome and unaccepted because I was from a completely different area. I would have like to be more accepted in the school and to see a friendlier student body. However, I did like that the kids were not bullied as much at this closer knit school opposed to the other three high schools I had attended.
My School, Mayville High School, Is a Good School. It is very small and all of the students and faculty are close. A problem is our school funding, we are in so much debt. Since we are all friends here it tends to create problems in our every day classes with stalling and staying off topic. Do not get me wrong Mayville is great and has many good qualities. In the future I hope that this school will fix it's money problems and grow.
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