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This School... needs to quit denying that BULLYING isn't an issue! How many children have to lose their lives , before this is taken more seriously?! Why not have a MANDATORY class K-12 addressing this, PROBLEM?!! "Anatomy Of A BULLY," Their Victims, The Aftermath, etc... Most students, and sadly, some adults aren't aware that BULLYING is a learned behavior. Start by encouraging ALL students,
to keep communicating.
Try involving Mental Health Professionals from ,MBH/ Counselors / Parents of Children who were bullied to DEATH !! Regain control and prove Maysville can protect their students ! Maybe, just maybe, students/children will be more focused on what is happening, inside the classroom and not worry about, WHAT/ WHOM is lurking in the hall, waiting at their locker,and feel safe enough to use the restroom ,PRIVATELY! Implement and enforce, an absolute,"ZERO"tolerance policy for, BULLYING! Hell, be the FIRST K-12 to actually DO SOMETHING!
Maysville School District offers a great number of opportunities for students who do not want the typical high school experience. They allow students to go to Mid-East (a technical school), take college classes for credit at Maysville High School, or attend Zane State College. However, the guidance counselors at Maysville High School are terrible; they play favorites and only help the students they personally like. The bus drivers and lunch staff for this school district are phenomenal and always kind to students.
Some teachers took the time to really get to know students, and put actual effort into their work. Others didn't care.
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My experience will Maysville High School has been amazing and I wouldn't want to attend any other school. I love how close our community is and how we are all there for one another through the good and bad times.
Maysville is a very warm and welcoming school district. Though the teachers could improve, they continue to help their students to the best of their abilities. Having been a student at Maysville Local Schools for many years now I can easily say that I have learned quite a lot compared to at other schools.
I think Maysville is a good school for the most part but some of the teachers can be rude and the school lunches could be different maybe give the students a little more food
My daughter attended Maysville local school district from her preschool year thru her sophomore year before going to our local technical school. At the beginning of her eighth grade year she lost her father to cancer after a two year battle. She was naturally upset but received little sympathy or concern from the staff at the school. At the same time she was bullied by a male classmate. The school did little to resolve the problem. She was given one online class to do and was sent home for the year. She was punished and the boy got away with bullying.
Maysville is an excellent school. They could use a little help with the menus for lunches but they are ok
I am a senior now ive always been really ill. But the teachers have helped me when i got back to school and see that i dont when i was a freshman i almost died when a Cyst popped in my stomach i missed a month of school but my teachers helped me learn what i missed.

Im in band and we have the best band Director out there he worries about our well being and our futures i made most of my friendships in band and i wouldn't be the person i am today without it.

Im going to miss this school but i habe to move on im bigger things i dont want to be stuck here for the rest of my life.
It was a great school. I went to MidEast my Jr and Sr years, but Graduated from Maysville as my home school. They were good about making sure we were included in everything. The guidance counselor also was available to help with college info, etc.
With the exception a few schools, the worst school within an hour to send your children. Bad academics, teachers that don't care, sports that matter too much, and a weak administration. With such a beautiful school and campus, its a shame the people running this school don't know what they're doing.
I feel they care to much about the sports and not enough about the academics at the school. They allow the students who are involved in the sports to get away with certain things that other students would not be able to get away with.
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