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From my experience at Maynard Public Schools I would say that they have been above average but not "very good". The teachers are pretty good and definitely care about their students. A new high school was built a few years ago so it is a very nice facility with a brand new radio and tv studio. There are a wide variety of activities that are available to students. My main complaint is with the administration and how poorly they handle conflicts.
As a recent graduate of Maynard Public Schools, I have seen everything that Maynard has to offer. I am currently attending Northeastern University, a college that I would never have thought that I would attend. Maynard's advantages such as small student to faculty ratios, above average course offerings, and intimate classroom settings combined with the teachings of overcoming the challenges of a small school district allows students to thrive and become experienced young adults. The spirit of Maynard as a community rubs off on the school system. The constant support of the extracurriculars, especially sports, creates an environment built on teamwork and support. Overall, my experience attending Maynard Public Schools was one I would not have given up and one that benefits me to this day.
Though no school system is perfect, Maynard has a wonderful community built around it and such a pleasant culture of involved and active students. The opportunities for extracurriculars are exceptional and if you work for it you will be challenged academically.
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It is very good with lots of clubs for students to get involved in. Somewhat prepares you for college. Overall it’s a good school, great teachers, and great students.
Small community, some good teachers, administration is just ok. Great reasources for college readiness and also there is a new high school.
Maynard High School is a good school. We are a very small school but we have a very big impact on our town.
Maynard High School is an overall great school. It has minor downfalls when it comes to the administration and budget. The facility is brand new and it offers a lot of beneficial programs and academics. Sports and student life are pretty average but Maynard is a close knit community and it provides a supportive environment for all.
Maynard Public schools may be small, but the teachers care a lot about their students and the small school sizes allow the children to have a close bond with their teachers and other students.
The small size allows each student to shine. Teachers know the students well, and guidance counselors are able to give each student enough attention. The superintendent, however, leaves much to be desired.
I have been in Maynard part punlic school since I was in kindergarten. You join a great community when in Maynard public school and you have a rare opportunity to have graduate with the same people you Wentworth to kindergarten with. One thing I would change about Maynard Public schools is that the administration would be more respectful to their faculty by finally signing my teachers contracts and not fire 12 teachers with in one month just to hire More teachers. Overall Maynard public schools is a inclusive environment for all the students who attend
The new middle school and high school buildings are nice. The new high school principal and the superintendent are top notch. But there are many teachers that DIScourage students and only care about helping the school rankings by ensuring that the students are in classes where they are guaranteed to do well. For example, if you're a B student in 8th grade math, they'll tell you that you can't take Honors math in 9th grade. The unspoken reason is that they fear you won't do well enough. If you get a B in an honors class vs. an A in the basic class, it's the same for your GPA, but it drops the overall grades achieved in the High School in general, which effects their standing in the state and national rankings. It's better for students to be pushed and challenged and ENcouraged.
Maynard has fantastic schools with amazing teachers. As with any school system, there are some teachers who are better/more caring than others. The ones who really care are AMAZING and your child will thrive with them. Ratings and test scores tell only part of the story. If you are obsessed with scores/ratings, then put all your money into a pricier community and best of luck to you and your way of life. Because this is a small school district, resources are tight and communication by the administrative staff is lacking. But the community feel of this district makes for nicer, more well-rounded children who will be lifelong learners.
The teachers and staff are really committed to seeing their students succeed, for the most part. Some teachers are not as invested in helping their students, but they are in the minority. I think that the communication between staff, students, and parents is horrendous and affects student learning. Overall a good school system, but the small size does limit student opportunities, especially academically.
I love how dedicated the teachers are to their students and how they put an effort into creating a bond with their students and make us feel as though what their teaching isn't has hard as it looks and incorporate fun ways of doing so. Plus all the fun activities like spirt week, homecoming, march madness, prom e.t.c is what i look forward to the most in school.
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