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I have gone to Mayflower Schools since elementary. It is not a bad school, but it is not the best either. I have learned a lot and made good friends. Most of the teachers are amazing and really care about the students. There are good opportunities for joining clubs and other extracurriculars.
Mayflower School District is a diamond in the rough. Teachers and staff are friendly, compassionate, and genuinely care for your student's education. The campus and budget are huge downfalls for this district. Mayflower is dirt poor and tries to make do with what they have. They have wonderful staff but are horribly underpaying them. Diversity is getting better but still not great. Overall Mayflower school district is a good, small, home-town feel school with great students who work hard.
I like the friendly teachers but what i dislike is the inability to learn in the environment due to loud classmates and inexperienced teachers.
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I attended mayflower school district my entire life and i wouldn't change it for the world. I met my life long best friend and even my husband there. The teachers were more like family and I loved it.
Mayflower School District is a fabulous school to be a part of. Rather you work here or attend school here! I had the pleasure of graduation from MHS in 2010 and was hired on as a non-certified Dyslexia Tutor in 2015. I have always loved my Mayflower Community and I am so thrilled to get the opportunity to work with some of the best teachers and principals while I continue my education to become a certified teacher!
The environment around the school districts students is a very friendly, inviting, and caring environment. It’s a very encouraging school that strives for success. The overall fairness can of students by teachers can be improved on, but overall a very good school.
Mayflower schools staff is wonderful. A small town, which most people know each other & where families have grown together. It is a safe environment as resource officers from Mayflower police department have a great relationship with faculty and students.
I love that we all feel like a big family, but something I would change is us being so hostile when someone new comes and try’s to be apart of it because people get hostile when they don’t know someone. Also I wish there was more diversity instead of just white and black.
It was very comunitive, could use more Academic excellence readiness. I enjoyed going to school there but wish they would have prepared me more for life in college.
Mayflower high school is a great school and I encourage other students to attend. The teachers are nice and it's a great learning experience.
Wonderful school and staff never had any problems they always meet and exceed my expectations my daughter loves this school
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