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This is a great district with terrific staff! Good class sizes with 16:1 student teacher ratio. The environment is excellent for learning and the student excellence is the number one goal. Each teacher strives to create a relationship with every single student.
What did i like about Mayfield? I liked the way that the whole school system, elementary, middle and high, all of the teachers and faculty, treat the students like family. If a student is in need of school suppiles, or anything the teachers and staff buy it for the student. I love how they involve all the schools in pep rallies, the seniors walk through the middle and elementary schools, football players go to the elementary school to rally up the little kids. Mayfield schools are like a family.. If students are struggling they work with them, help them, and give them the help they need. My 8th grade teacher Jennifer Gream once told me that i couldnt go anywhere or do anything, untill i believe, not only in my self but in my work. mayfield schools help students reach for the sky.
I like the way this schools have lots of pride in every single students. I also loved our football program its the best class "two A"football team.I would like that students have the chance to choose classes they enjoy and would succeed.
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I enjoyed the students as well as the faculty. It is a very tight knit community. Being a part of something like this school gives everyone who walks in a sense of belonging
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