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I’ve been in Mayfield since I was two years old and in the district since Kindergarten. Overall, I enjoyed my time here. It was rewarding to see Mayfield become more and more diverse as time goes on. From Kindergarten to roughly fourth grade, there weren’t many children of color. Now as a Senior, the diversity has changed immensely. Though Mayfield has its problems, I will come to miss Mayfield once I graduate.
I like how the school offers many choices in academics such as AP courses, Honors courses, and college prep courses. The school also provides students with many activities such as clubs, sports, band, and Mock trial. The parents have opportunity to communicate to teachers via emails or face to face meetings also available. The is support available from the school counselors who are there to walk you through the problems. I feel that Mayfield High School is preparing and helping me to adjust for my future studies in college.
Mayfield is an very diverse school , with many different opportunities. Mayfield city school district has a lot to offer to the children and the community, they're always looking for ways to give back.
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I attended Mayfield and got a great education and both of my children are attending now. Both love school, are doing well and are totally prepared for the next step in their education.
Unprofessional preschool teacher. Swearing (f word) in front of kids, joking with aide that if there were cameras or recording they would have been fired, being nice to everyone then as soon as leave room bad mouthing, telling at kids, telling all the teachers that if they hear any complaints about her it's not true. (After fighting with parent). These are just some of the stories over a 10 week period.
I had an amazing experience at Mayfield City Schools. I've been going to Mayfield since I was in preschool and this district has done so much for me as well as my family. Mayfield is all about getting a good education but also making the students who go here feel part of a family. When we started coming to Mayfield my family had just moved back to the States. We had found out that my older brother was diagnosed with autism and was looking for the best care available. We heard through a friend that Mayfield had a good program for kids with special needs that allowed for integration for these students, not separation. This was key in my older brothers success as he needed the push and drive from other students to help him succeed. This school offered opportunities for everyone to succeed regardless of how they were geared. Programs such as Excell Tecc, CEVEC and CCP allowed people who weren't wired to succeed in AP classes to still become successful.
In the early 2000's our children were students in the district. We had a very positive experience during that time. We were pleasantly surprised by the preschool program, which provided a great foundation for them. However, when our third child entered the program in the 2008-2009 school year, everything had changed and not for the better. It was like a completely different place. We were so unhappy that we decided to move.
Mayfield city schools is an amazing community, the teachers and staff all work together to give you the best education and make you feel at home during school.
As of my 10 years at Mayfield, it is a safe and innovative school district. The staff is amazing because they are helpful. As an elementary school student, the school district is ranked 333 on Niche (website you are on). The district is good to know your weaknesses and strenghs. They offer so much clubs and so much courses. They have 20 curricular activities at these 7 school establishments. These establishments are good for your friendship and there are unique and fun classes. The teachers are top notch. Great teachers at the school. Sports teams are amazing.
The teachers are amazing and are very helpful! The campus is kept very clean. They do need to work on the heating and cooling. I learned a lot in my 4 years there.
I really enjoyed my 13 years at Mayfield. The teachers I’ve had and the experiences I’ve gained have shaped me into the person I am today. I am really grateful I got to grow up in the Mayfield community!
My experience at mayfield city schools, up until high school, has been pretty good. I loved the elementary school I went to and middle school wasn't horrible either. However in Mayfield high school I find that I don't really have any friends, and that it's hard to communicate with other classmates about things. Despite this, I have loved every teacher I've had in high school , and have made really good connections with many of them. I feel like I can go to many of my teachers with any sort of problem and they will always be there to offer support and solutions.
As this being my 13th year attending Mayfield City Schools, I have fell in love with the district, my peers, and my teachers. I truly think that Mayfield is one of the best college ready high school and prepares us mentally and physically with what is to come for our future. I have had hands down the best teachers of all time and think that the school is very diverse but that we have so many clubs and activities that everyone belongs. I am so thankful for haven gone here my whole life and am blessed with all that I have learned and the life long friends I have made.
The Mayfield City School District is a great place to learn and grow as an individual. The teachers are really involved with the students and care about the student's success. The teachers are very encouraging and supportive. Whenever there is a problem or you just need to vent the teachers are there for you. They also provide a unique learning opportunity called Excel TECC which is where juniors and seniors who are admitted to the program of their choosing can continue their high school career while earning college credit as well. There are a number of student-founded clubs and activities to be a part of. The band at Mayfield is like one big family and being a part of the high school's marching band was one of the best choices I made. I learned so many life lessons and met so many wonderful people by joining.
This is a very intelligent school system. We are taught from a young age that we are a family and that everyone takes care of everyone. I will be proud to graduate from here.
Too many snow day cancellations that seemed unnecessary or just a delay was all that was needed. Preschool is only 4 days a week. If early childhood education is so important, why is it only 4 half days a week? It doesn't seem worth the overpriced tuition. The staff, especially preschool, are often unprofessional. I will be sending my kids to private shool.
I love how the teachers are always willing to provide one on one help to their students, in a certain area of study. Educating students is always a priority and the curriculum is very useful. The only downside is that few of the counselors actually understand how to help students deal with, and prepare for college stress. But, there is much diversity and the schools, especially the high school, have clubs for every area of interest.
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The investments in STEM and in sports are very important things to Mayfield, but the students are at the top. Especially at the high school, most teachers, faculty, and staff will always listen, work with you, and try to find the best education plan for you. Regardless, the arts funding is very low- the auditorium desperately needs to be redone (it has become a safety hazard), art classes and teachers are not as bountiful as they could be, and the music department faces a daily battle for funding. Yet this is only a small complaint, for the rest of the school is highly funded and functioning.
The school district is always advancing and is highly diverse. Its teachers are always trying to give their students the best opportunity available.
This school is amazing and innovative. It has a wonderful staff that is highly educated and wonderful with the students. The power of community is outstanding!
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