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I've had an amazing experience at this school, teachers are always willing to give a hand and they are super friendly.
Before Maxwell, I came went to a very small Christian School, the type that everyone knew everyone's business. Then I came to Maxwell in my Freshman year of high school. Since Maxwell has grades Kindergarten through Seniors, at first I was nervous that everyone would already know each other and I would be left out. But then people started becoming welcoming, even upperclassmen which I was pleasantly surprised by. My experience from Maxwell has been good and has given me opportunities, like going to National FCCLA. In my Senior year, I am eager to continue my involvement with Maxwell High School to hopefully make it so everyone has a great high school experience.
For a smaller school, it's a pretty nice one. Teachers need to be more strict with un-ruley students. We need more school spirit. But overall it's a pretty decent school. We don't have a lot of activities to be involved in, but we have some.
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I love all of the teachers and they do a great job at helping everyone to learn, no matter what the learning level. We have wonderful coaches that try their best to help all teams succeed. All of the clubs we have are very well put together and organized. My biggest complaint is our food is not very good at all. We also have a few staff members that are not very kind to students or other adults, and that is sad to see.
I like this school for a couple reasons. First, it's the place that has shaped me; I wouldn't be who I am right now without this school. It has freed me to do many things with my education, and prepared me for the world. It's a very small school, but the teachers are so kind and caring. You know that coming out of the school you can be successful.
Maxwell Public Schools is one of my favorite places to be. Some students don't think that school can be a fun place to be but to me it is. I have spent the last 13 years of my life there and I have enjoyed it all. I love this school because it is small so everyone knows everyone. Teachers are always looking after the students and older students helping the younger students. It has been a great place to grow in my education and in life skills. There is a lot of upgrading going on now and the school is always improving.
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