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I have gone to Mauston high school for almost four years now and I have gotten a see the ins and outs of how the school runs. What I can say from a freshmen standpoint is that it is very inclusive and very easy to succeed but as you progress through you years your support systems dwindle and you're almost left to fend for yourself by the end of your senior year. My guidance counselor struggled to keep up with the amount of students she has and left many without support. Most of the teachers here are not a good fit for the job and care little about the success of the students. What change I would like to see is a genuine care for how students are more than what they exhibit in the classrooms.
My experience in this district was amazing. While it may not be the biggest or the most prestigious, it shaped me into who I am today. Who I am today is a strong woman, who knows what she wants and is ready to do whatever I can to get that. I learned this from all of my teachers and the staff from Mauston. They encourage like no other and the good of the students is their highest regard. I loved going to school here.
Since Mauston High is in a smaller county, it offers numerous opportunities that many surrounding districts cannot offer. I appreciated the effort that staff and faculty made to obtain better resources for students and prepared us well, especially for those who are college bound. Numerous AP and Advanced courses are offered and the integration of more technology is developing. I would like to see more courses integrated and more technology being promoted.
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As a Mauston High School graduate I must say there is a great deal of Teachers and staff that truly believe in their students and want to see them succeed!
I love Mauston High School. The teachers and staff throughout the district are so helpful and always ready to help! They rearrange their schedules to meet the students needs. I have never had a problem with any of the faculty!
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