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Somethings that I liked about the Maury County School District was the way that the student to faculty relationships were very helpful and the students could get the help they needed thanks to the teachers that were teaching the class or classes that the student was struggling in.
In recent years, Maury County schools have become even better than they used to be. Dress code has been altered every year for the past 3 years and has begun allowing students to express themselves better. The School Board does it's best to listen to concerns coming from teachers, parents, and students. It also does well to recognize outstanding achievements made by students and teachers. While not the top county in the country, Maury county is doing its best to improve itself.
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This is a very mediocre school district. Very few students are prepared for college. Many do not finish their freshmen year.
The Maury county school district has a lot of strengths and weaknesses. Most of the schools have great ap and honors classes, as well as the ability to duel enroll at Columbia state. One of the things that I would change is that I would make the ag classes a requirement to take, and I would try to make the other cte courses more involved in the schools.
The school system is great. With all four years being in attendance I have loved it! It has gotten me ready for college in the fall
Wonderful place to receive education. I’ve built relationships with teachers and administrators, which makes learning easier. I would like to see the county go back to a four block schedule rather than seven periods.
I have attended Maury County Schools since kindergarten. During that span of time I attended an elementary, middle school, and high school. I feel I have had a excellent education with challenging classes. Extra curricular activities have been given to enhance my learning potential. I am a drama student and I well prepared to speak to others and in public situations. I feel confident I will have success in a post secondary school.
I realize that most of the teachers in this county are over worked and under payed. However this does not prevent them in teaching me what I need to know in their class.
I would like to see more clean air and environmentally friendly schools in my school district. Many schools such as my high school have mold and dust. These conditions in the building causes allergies to students and staff. This causes more sickness and absentees for all within the school.
Maury County School District gives you a wide variety of options both academically, athletically, and artistically. It produces a good environment to be in four these important four years of your life.
The school system is very future forward with the new director of school. The teachers are either excellent, or terrible though which is something I would recommend fixing because only half the teachers prepare you for college.
I haven't had any issues with the Maury County School District. Whenever I call or go the school everyone is friendly and very helpful.
The staff at the schools are very caring toward the children however the buildings they do it in (especially spring hill high) need to be remodeled to accommodate the children's needs
Highland Park is a horrible school, I have a video of the kids bathroom, literally poop everywhere, layers of Dirk on sink, walls and floors, I brought it to their attention they didn't seem bothered by it at all, so I went in a second time a few months later looked exactly the same, no wonder why my kids and others stayed sick all year, so disgusting, it's even worse that staff doesn't seem bothered by it like they feel it's completely normal, I've never seen a dirtier school EVER. The principal looks like she's high on benzos all the time literally looks wasted and by her response to the filth in her school, I would bet a million dollars that she's on something. Front office always has unqualified attendance clerks that are not professional. I asked to call my child down to the office one day because I needed to talk to her they asked me what for, ummm non of your business are you kidding me, all around I've never witnessed a school like this, STAY AWAY if all possible!!!
I liked the family environment the school district had. I dislike some of the focus points. For example, when I was in high school, they seemed to care more about our dress code and pointless rules instead of our education. They would pick out the smallest thing to get some one in trouble which messes with their education.
I love Maury county school district. I've been a student at three of the many school in Maury County. As of now, I am now a student at Hampshire Unit School. It is by far the best school I've been to overall with it's staff, student body, sports, and variety of clubs. The only thing I'd recommend changing in the Maury county school district is the dress code. The dress code is very strict and is very limited in my opinion. I believe the dress code would be just fine if it were limited to: "wear appropriate clothing. Do NOT wear anything your mother wouldn't let you." Other than this, the Maury County school district is great!!
It was overall a good experience. Some teachers pushed you to be a good student and some teachers gave you a nice break which was nice.
Throughout my entire high school career, I have seen many changes in the Maury County School District. Between changes in school administration, changes in school superintendents, and dress code policy changes, the Maury County School District is making advances in preparing students for career readiness and work place success.
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