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Overall the teachers are some of the most supportive teachers I've ever had to encounter. The teachers were very understanding and always willing to work with students on whatever they may have needed help with.
Well This School Just Freaking Sucks Man Can’t wait to leave. And The way this school is ran makes me sick and with them not having a nurse and making you call your parent that may not answer the phone is bad. If the administration would listen to the students then I would rate it better but if It keeps up then Maumee will drop lower and lower each year.
My experience as a Latino American student at Maumee Highschool was an experience that built me as a person. The lack of diversity at Maumee Highschool is very apparent from the start. Due to the lack of diversity I felt a feeling of Isolation, however after the years went on once I became involved in different programs and activities I began to feel at home.
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I just graduated Maumee High School after spending every year of schooling in the Maumee City Schools district. I gave the district 5 stars not only because of the amazing staff but because of the high quality of education that I received over the past 12 years in the district. Maumee itself is a wonderful little town to raise a family in and with the added benefit of the school system it enhances it by 100%. Maumee City Schools has my highest personal recommendation , they overachieve across the board. Whether it be in academics, diversity, teachers, college readiness, safety, clubs & activities, administration, school culture, sports, facilities, resources, and parent involvement. As Niche puts it with their 5-star rating, the Maumee City School District, is simply excellent.
I have gone to Maumee City Schools my entire 13 years and I wouldn't want to go to any other schools. The academic opportunities that I have had, as well as the awesome teachers, has been unmatched. I especially enjoy the spirit squad that I have been on for four years that participates in all of the school sports supporting our athletes. I have also been impressed with the guidance counselors who have always been easy to work with when adjusting my scheduling conflicts over the years. When I graduate next spring I will truly miss the school and all of the friends that I have made.
I have lived in Maumee my whole life and I have fallen in love with this community. I have gone to Maumee's Elementary Schools, Middle school, and high school and have always been welcomed with loving staff and faculty. Its a hometown community and almost all of the faculty live here too.
There is a great deal of pride in our school that is extremely apparent in the student body, staff, and alumni of Maumee.
Overall a great experience, especially for a public high school in Ohio. I felt that I was able to reach every opportunity provided here, and the faculty is amazing.
During my time in the Maumee school district there hasn't been many problems. The main one has been during my time in high school. There aren't that many choices for electives and AP classes. Another issue I had was that my class wasn't notified that we could take CCP classes until we were registering for senior classes.
Overall, the teachers are very friendly and down to earth. They each take the time to get to know you on the individual level to make sure you can succeed as a student.
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