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I love attending Maud High School! Its a small country school and everyone gets along with everyone. But Maud is a poor town I would like to see the School be updated.
As a student of Maud Public Schools I have loved the small town values and sense of community, I have realized however that I have been sheltered from the bigger world awaiting me. I would never change having been a Maud Tiger all of my life, I would however have loved to have had more experiences and classes afforded to me. I feel like there is so much to be offered in a rural school like Maud, like sense of family, community and always feeling safe and belonging. Being from a rural school and community also has many set backs, such as, no chance to experience culture or diversity, class selection is very minimal and there is little to no activities outside of sports. I would never change where I am from, but I would love to see these rural, small schools in Oklahoma have a little more to offer in the future.
Maud Public School is not a good school to go to. I would not recommend anyone to putting their children into this school. The school is dirty, the teachers are not helpful and do not care about the education or safety of the children in the school. The only thing that anyone in the school cares about is sports; I was not prepared for college coming out of this school.
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I was here from 2nd grade until my graduation. I would have to say it was half and half in my good and bad experiences. I would want the school to be more open and offer more.
My overall experience with Maud Public Schools was a solid two. The school does really well in sports, so I feel as if they do not care about academics. The teachers are nice, but they do not push the students passed their comfort zone. There is one counselor and he is not very good at preparing us for college, yes he gives us the pamphlets and tells us we need to go to college, but he does not build a bond or really talks to us about what we wish to do.
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