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Mattoon Community Unit School District No. 2 Reviews

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Mattoon School District is an amazing community. The staff and teachers are all so kind and supportive however in terms of academics there were many programs that were focused on students who fell behind or needed help but there were no programs for students who needed a challenge the classes were way too easy and I do not feel college ready at all even by taking the "hardest classes" the school had to offer.
I loved going to school in Mattoon! I played tennis and the team and the coaches were awesome! Most of the teachers were amazing and so were the counselors and administration everyone is involved and cares about all of their students! I made some life long friends at Mattoon High School!
After graduating and being able to reflect back on my time spent at Mattoon High School. When one walks into the front doors, you can be greeted by familiar, friendly faces. Not only that, but the staff takes time to get to know each and everyone of the students. Going into each of my classes, I could expect to learn something new and inviting. Not only that, but being a student athlete at MHS allowed me to surrounded by great staff along with incorporating many different types of people on my teams. One of the only downsides about going to my high school was most definitely the concern of safety. On September 20th 2017, a student opened fire in our cafeteria. After this event, I found myself questioning the safety of the building. But this also allowed our school to upgrade our security cameras which now can let students and faculty to feel more at peace. Overall, Mattoon High School is a fantastic school that provides for each and every student.
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It was nice. I don't really have any complaints. The teachers were very involved and readily available if necessary. I always felt welcome throughout high school. I always felt safe as well. I was never worried that something might happen at school. Everything was nice.
My child is almost done with this school system & thank God! As I write this review it is currently below zero even lower than Springfield , IL which closed their schools as did every school all around they obviously care more for the children in their community than the superintendent's office in this school does. Let alone if your child has any serious medical conditions don't expect any understanding from this school system you will not get it. Do yourself a favor & move a little farther east to Charleston or North or anywhere rather than here! Good luck to those who must still deal with the uncaring individuals who run this district!! Move somewhere else!
Overall caring and kind staff that truly care about the students. Many different sports, organizations, and clubs are offered at different schooling levels, providing several ways for the students to become more involved. In the high school, honors classes and dual credit courses are offered to students to help them prepare for college.
Great school for the area! Some teachers are not as professional as I would like them to be, but the overall atmosphere is very inviting. The band program is wonderful.
Bionic Mentoring program
Teachers all want to see you succeed
Ability to take dual credit courses with Lakeland College. Gave me the chance to get college credit and further along in my college career.
My high school was an awkward time like a lot of other students. However, I had some really amazing teachers. Mrs. Bright, for example, was one of the most passionate and caring people I have met and been taught by.
I had an overall good experience at Mattoon High School. The classes were average size and the teachers cared about their students. There were many opportunities to take dual credit courses which put me ahead for college by almost an entire year.
I went to school here and it was alright, nothing too special. Just your typical small town school experience
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