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Great school but some teachers just do not care. I personally have had a teacher sleep in class, I’ve also had teachers who love to teach and share there knowledge.
I grew up in Mattawan my whole life. My father, sister, aunts, uncles and cousins all graduated or are currently enrolled at Mattawan. The courses and teachers at Mattawan played an important role in my readiness for college. I had the opportunity to take advanced courses through Mattawan which helped prepare me for my future at both Kalamazoo Valley Community College and also Western Michigan University close to home in Mattawan. I'm grateful and thankful for all the experience Mattawan offered and I still use the skills I learned from Mattawan in my day to day life in college.
I went to Mattawan, until I dropped out junior year. I'm someone who struggles really bad with ADHD and need a little extra time and help. Mattawan administration would attempt to "help" me but they were just trying to help themselves. Mattawan cares more about keeping their high ranking and test scores than helping students. Teachers were always getting frustrated, which just made me frustrated at them, which led to me struggling more. I had teachers call me out when I would be sitting in class drawing, but if they would have just tried to talk to me, they would understand that is how I have to learn. Teachers and administration weren't interested in trying to learn about me and what I would need to do to succeed in school. I was always getting in trouble and sent to ISS. The longer I was in school, the more frustrated I got with the teachers and my continuously failing grades. One time we were at lunch and three boys came in and jumped some kids and it became a big brawl.
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Mattawan is a good school for sports. Most of our sports teams are very good and the school does a lot of work to support them. I feel that Mattawan could improve by finding better ways to support those with mental illnesses. I also feel like they could provide more options for scheduling, especially for seniors who only need a few classes to graduate.
I have loved my time at Mattawan. I have had plenty of great teachers and unique learning experiences, as well as school events and athletics. I have participated on the school swim team, and tennis team, having a blast on both. I have made relationships with the people and teachers I have met here, and loved the time I have spent with them. Mattawan is phenomenal from an educational stand point, as well as many different categories. Anytime I've needed help in a class I have gotten it. The school spirit and culture at Mattawan is the best around. Everyone gets involved in school events, spreading fun and positivity. Overall Mattawan has been amazing, and I wouldn't have wanted to go anywhere else.
I like the people that I have met at this school. I have been provided a very good education throughout my time here and I feel like I am ready to take on the outside world and to truly find myself. The security here could probably get better as well as the resources provided like the cycling of 5 different AP Physics teachers in the past 5 years and now one that hasn't even studied Physics or taught it before. But other than that I feel like this is a very good school system out of all the surrounding ones and it is a place where I would want my kids to go to in the future if I were to come back to this place.
Teachers were mostly helpful and encouraging, though classes need to be downsized so students have more individual attention.
I became very close with my peers, because most of us started attending Mattawan Kindergarten. I fit in very well and have few complaints about the faculty members. I was thoroughly challenged in academics especially math and English. This further prepared me for college and the SAT.
Challenging English program, good amount of AP's offered, including Calc AB, BC, and Stats. Offers dual enrollment at local community college and pays up to a certain number of credits, offers many online classes.
They offered a variety of classes. There were 2 classes that I took that had photography as part of it. Overall though, some of the requirements, I know a lot of it is the state, we’re highly annoying.
My experience at Mattawan was like no other. I was pushed as a student and was helped flourish in my studies. I always have full support from all parts of the staff. I couldn't have asked for a better education.
Best School ever. Just got rebuild, very nice. Awesome nice staff. This school has amazing curriculum.
Seem to have lots of problems with teachers being hired then fired the following year for not being helpful or appropriate. Lots of students give other students problems and bullying seems to take place at the school and has zero consequences. Lots of fights have broken out over the years with zero consequences as well. On top of all of that the school allowed a lady who was a threat and running from the cops into the school, which resulted in the whole school having to go into a lock down for over an hour. My whole high school experience was not all bad some teachers were very good teachers. Seemed like it was very rare and did not happen very often though.
Mattawan is very good with college-prep. It offers a large variety of AP classes that give students the opportunity to earn college credit right out of High School. However, Mattawan doesn't support creativity or individuality well, and it considers very little parent or student input when making changes to the school.
I had a wonderful experience at Mattawan k-12, and have an even better experience sending a child through the district. The administration is extremely helpful and they provide a well rounded education.
Most of the teachers at Mattawan are very nice and know what they are talking about. At Mattawan there is also a very nice woman that works there called Safety Sue, she is the best person. Another plus is most of the students are very outgoing and talk to everyone.
I have gone to Mattawan Consolidated Schools since kindergarten and it is a great school district with nice and welcoming staff members and exceptional opportunities to learn and grow.
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I enjoyed the opportunities offered through Mattawan, such as dual enrollment and access to the technology center. The student life and teacher assistance was stressful and unwelcoming.
Mattawan High school is one of the best schools in Michigan. After having been in multiple school districts in international countries, it is prevalent that Mattawan is one of the finest districts I have attended.
Mattawan Consolidated Schools are an extremely clean and excellent school district. It also displays a wide variety of passionate teachers and staff members that truly enjoy what they are doing, as well as caring about the students that attend.
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