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Mathis Independent School District Reviews

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Mathis Highschool is unique in its own way. Not only the town overall but inside the school with the classmates you are involved with and the facility and staff you bond with on your journey creates a friendship that I will not forget.
I like the environment/atmosphere at Mathis Independent School District. I also like that they offer many different programs relating to academics, and the fact that they pay for it all!
The best thing about Mathis is their pridefulness of their school. There was always a strong community support of their kids at the school district. Mathis ISD allows their students to succeed and strive for the best. The facility encourages their students each and every day to be the best they can be.
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I did very much enjoyed participating in the band and making life-long memories with all my classmates, there are some 'important' things i would very much change . One is how the school district approaches "bulling" both from kids and faculty. Also the way that not all, but some propitiation special needs kids. You wont be able to tell, but I went to a high school that would bully special needs kids and nothing was done about it, not only by students but by faculty too.
This is a very corrupt power hungry school district. Teachers are under qualified and unable to control students and classrooms. The district refuses to listen to the people’s concerns and decides on important decisions on their behalf and what would make it better for them. Horrible system.
I would not send any child to this school district nor even worked here. I know people who have been bullied and workers that were discriminated.
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