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Mathews County Public Schools Reviews

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At Mathews the teachers care about their students, being unsuccessful is not an option. Although, our school is small we have a wide variety of activities and classes to take. The only thing I would change is the some teachers priorities needs to be the students.
I would like to see the more student involvement and school spirit. The school provides a great variety of classes considering the small size of Mathews. If I live in Mathews while raising children, they will definitely attend Mathews County Public Schools.
Mathews County schools are very friendly and eager to help you learn. Felt at home among fellow students.
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Small schools with personable teachers. Enjoyed my 12 years there, but without exposure to other things kids can become sheltered and 'hick'.
What I like is how kind everyone is. What I would like to change is how cold the school is and how many drug searches/lock down drills we have.
Mathews is a small but friendly town with a small and friendly school system. My graduating class will have about 90 kids in it-- just to give an idea. The only downside is that, because of its size, the school is limited in its academic offerings, and that the guidance counselors are not very good at guiding their students. Most students in my grade were not told about the possibility to obtain an Associate's degree upon graduation, and those that were informed knew only about it through outside sources.
Lack a good foundation. Bad teachers in vital courses lead to uneducated students and other teachers trying to make up for the shortcomings.
For being in an extremely small and unpopulated county, Mathews High School can offer you a great education, if you are willing to work for it. Many students at the school however, are complacent with doing just the bare minimum.
My experience at Mathews County Public schools was an overall positive one. The only thing that I have to complain about is that they did not prepare me for college that well at all. The work load in high school just does not compare to a college course work load at all.
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