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Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District Reviews

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Matawan school district is a great school district It has great education programs and amazing teachers
I liked having such a diverse group of students, many of which are extremely into the school's extra curriculars. Although, I didn't like the favoritism that is often played in the school or how our sports have seemed to decrease, as where they used to be great. I wish it was a bit bigger of a school though because it is very tiny.
During my time at Matawan Regional the school was under lots of pressure, Administration changes, new teachers and students that were not the easiest to deal with. I love Matawan; I grew up here. My teachers are what inspired me to become a teacher in the first place. I love learning and I would like to inspire kids someday to love learning the way I do.

Matawan rewarded me with a plethora of teachers who were well versed in their field of study, knew their craft and inspired kids to love what they were learning. Made some of the hardest classes like Physics and Chemistry and even Calculus easy to comprehend.
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My experience within the Matawan Aberdeen School District was splendid. I made great connections with the faculty and other students during my time there. All of my teachers really cared about their students' success, and were there to push them along the way. The counselors also helped a lot when it came time to making decisions about college. Overall, this district was amazing.
Very helpful staff,specially for special needs students, all of our family went to the school back when they needed to teaches us English when we started the school back in 1969
The school is small and in the center of town near all public transportation. Unfortunately, unless you live 3.0 miles from the high school, you're not entitled to free bussing. Taxes are very high in Matawan, and the school bus costs $540 dollars. There are neighboring towns that share the bus system that don't have to pay. I find it unfair.
Matawan is an inclusive environment and since the addiction of the Civic Leadership Program at the Highschool, all relms of the town and school community have benefitted.
I feel that everyone is willing to help as long as you put the work in and want to get good grades. There is always something going on and all are welcome to participate.
My brother and myself receved excellent educations in this school district. From kindergarten through high school. They were able to meet my brother’s special needs in every grade. I loved taking college level calculus in high school which will help me graduate earlier! Awesome!
Matawan-Aberdeen served a great deal to me in preparation for my long invested future. I would never hesitate to bring my own children to learn at this District
The teachers are very engaged and talented at what they do, and the students are very fun, with various clubs for people to join. Many of the problems are simply funding, such as when the roof leaks in the 100 wing hallway when it rains or when there's no air conditioning on a 95 degree day. However, I like to view it more as a character-building experience than anything else.
Matawan Aberdeen school district is a good school, and it has mostly good teachers. They are willing to change things that are obviously not working. They generally try to keep up with what other towns are doing, also. The middle school can be a little sketchy, but it is only a few years there before the kids move on to something better. Secretaries pretty much all have a bad attitude and it seems like you are annoying them just by asking them a question. They never seem to know what you are talking about, also. The teachers do seem to care about the kids, though.
There are so many courses you can take there at matawan. The food has gotten better than previous years but it's still bad. Many of the teachers are very likeable.
Just a high school. Students have no care for the real world, themselves, nor each other. Most teachers choose favorites and only focus on them. Very small amount of teachers I would consider great.
Graduated 2012 - could say a lot about the places here, but ultimately you'll get out of it what you put in.
What I liked the most was the consistency. This district never let me down in any way. Everyone was always welcomed with open arms.
Matawan-Aberdeen is a good school district. It is a school that gives opportunities for people to become very successful. It seems like a school that is divided in my opinion. The school spirit is divided, the bullying that takes place divides us too and I think the faculty could do a better job intervening in bullying that takes place (substitute teachers too). I feel like people either love Matawan and stay here forever, or leave and never come back. I love everything that Matawan has given me but I was so excited for graduation and to go to college 8 hours away. I feel like guidance counselors need to appear more approachable although some do a good job at it (DeCosta, Grasso).
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I enjoyed my time at Matawan high school, many great opportunities we're given to me and the counselors made sure I went to college worry free!
I was a student in the Matawan Aberdeen Regional School District my entire childhood. I live and breathe maroon and grey (the school colors) everyday. At Matawan, I have gained an impeccable education there. Matawan Regional High School offers a wide variety of classes, where every student attending will find at least one class that they are interested in. A majority of the Matawan teachers are experts at supporting their students and helping them succeed. You are able to gain personal relationships with teachers and with others. There are also many different after-school activities for students to join. Matawan Aberdeen Regional School District is a district that wants to see every child succeed and thrive, even when they become Matawan alum.
Overall, we have been very happy with the district. Our children have thrived both academically, socially and emotionally. The teachers are dedicated and are very open to listening to the parebts. We have had a few bumps along the way but I firmly believe that MARSD had been moving in the right direction.
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